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ancient dance

by psycholilyflower

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In the hours
Between light and dark
And Dark and light
A dance as old as time
still plays on
Not many dwell on this
But if you look up at the sky
Right at the peek time
You can see the sun and moon
God and goddess dance a quick dance
Either in a bed, the floor, or anywhere quick
Unlike us mortals, they have none of this
No bed or the privacy of their house.
It is like being on display
In a museum for the world to watch.
But to them it is nothing new.
They are saying
watch if you want
We have nothing to hide
You are not the first
Of many to watch our dance
And you won't be the last.
So when at home in bed with that special someone
Remember you are not alone in dance of the ages.
For the god and goddess are always with you.

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