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Beneath my imperfections

by tainted shadow

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A new girl in town shakes the world of DNAngle. Nothing like anything Dark has ever seen, this sarcastic, careless tough girl, will tare his secrets apart and unite with a vary deadly nemesis to satisfy her curiosity, but who's using who? Or is there something deeper... Spark never knew that the knowledge and power she would acquire would bring her such fear and speculation...

Chapter 1, her careless ways

Beneath my imperfections

Weather or not she was pretty passed the Niwa boy like cars in a traffic jam. He just couldn't decide, but there she was, lying in his favorite sketching spot overlooking the city.
Long, auburn hair lapping over the stone bench that rapped around the art structure in the center. A cigarette carelessly held in her left hand as she stared up at the sky. She wore sunglasses. A loose, long-sleeved, dark purple button up hung from her body revealing a tight black t shirt underneath, proving that her stomach was toned, but not sickly thin. Low cut blue jeans held her rather shapely thighs neatly, and black sneakers covered her feet. She was short, not quite as short as Niwa, but she was of cores older than him by several years... he was tempted to walk up to her, ask her what she's doing or how she was.
She had been assigned as a teacher's assistant to his school, for reasons of her own punishment, that the boy knew little about.
He watched her take a drag from her cig, then to his surprise she sat up as she exhaled.
She didn't look at him, to Daisuke's relief, but stared blankly out at the rooftops below the outlook.
Niwa finally realized what he was doing, staring at this stranger, and moved away quickly with reddened cheeks. What was he thinking? If she were to have seen him, she probably would have wondered what was wrong with him.
Class had been released for the day, and Daisuke had wonted to work on one of his drawings, but that girl didn't look like she was leaving anytime soon...
Daisuke whipped around so see Riku straddling her bike with an annoyed look on her face.
"Oh, I'm sorry miss. Heroda, I was just,"
"Checking out the new teacher's assistant, yeah I noticed." Riku snapped in quickly.
"No! That's not," Riku began to peddle away slowly, causing Niwa to run after her.
"You really shouldn't be trying to hang around her Niwa, she's' bad news."
Daisuke jogged along side the older Heroda at a brisk pace.
"I don't know... she doesn't seem mean or anything..."
"Didn't you hear why she's at our school? She's a trouble maker. She gets in fights and got kicked out of her own school! She's a high school student, a senior! She's at our school for community service, so she can graduate!"
Niwa felt a little overwhelmed by the bombardment and slowed dawn a little. Riku slowed her pace as well to stay at his side.
"HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" Risa yelled as she ran dawn the side walk to ketch up to her sister and Daisuke.
"I waited for you at the school. You never came." Riku stated, staring back at her sibling.
"I had something to do!"
"Well that's not my problem."
"Ok, ok, stop it you too." Daisuke put his arms out between the two girls on ether side of him.
"That's not all I've heard Niwa, I heard she was disowned by her own parents! The only reason why she's not in an orphanage is because she can support herself. She has a job and her own pace and everything."
"What are you guys talking about?" Risa asked, pushing her face towards Niwa's, making him blush and turn his head.
"The teacher's assistant." Risa assured quickly.
"oh." the younger Huroda breathed. "That's all anybody talked about today. They all say she's really weird and stuff, and she smokes! How lady like is that? Not to mention she didn't even talk to anybody, you'd think she'd be a little friendlier."
"I'm shier she has her reasons." Daisuke threw in his two cents worth.
"You would stand up for anybody, Niwa." The older Heroda commented.

After parting with the twins, Daisuke hurried home for dinner and prepared for a long night of thieving.

"Hay Spark! One more! It's Friday night for god's sake!" A man's voice rung in the ears of the 18-year-old girl with a half a glass of gin and tonic in her hand.
"Sounds good, Blain, but after that, I have to get my ass in gear, I need to get to my place before Rachel locks me out." She laughed full heatedly.
"I don't know why you didn't just bring her with you." Blain poured another drink for his friend and put it on the coffee table in front of her.
"She said she wasn't feeling good." Downing the rest of her drink, to move to the next.
"That's too bad, this was a nice little get-together."
They conversed over their excitement for graduation for a good hour, and Blain had a laugh mocking Spark on her community service.
"Man, you think they could have made you pick up trash or clean the windows at the high school or something, but work as a teacher's little helper at the middle school! That's priceless."
Spark stood to her feet smoothly and punched him playfully in the shoulder.
"Shut up Blain, they could have made me work at the old folk's home or something. I'll be seein you. Thanks for the drinks." With that she was out the door. She pulled a pack of cigarettes from her little black purse to satisfy her nicotine craving.
She hadn't driven, not only because she knew she was going to be drinking, but because the apartment was only three blocks away.
"Oh god, what a day."

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