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Love and Pride

by arkillian

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A story concept for my novel about the High King's love affair with a commoner socceress. She is going to have his baby soon, and they're digussing names, but he doesn'twant a girl...

"So, how is my boy faring, my love?" The King whispered, giving Helen- his soon to be wife a kiss on her forehead. "The sky burns a wondrous gold at the thought of a new Prince. What shall we name him?"
"Him?" Helen questioned, pushing his lips from her face with her finger to see his expression, "What if the child is a she? My family has a long history of female children."
"Then we'll have to have another," The High King retort sternly, immediately brushing of his anti disposition. Resting his hand back onto her cheek, he smiled, "Lets not think of that though. This child will be the strongest leader to come, and his son will be the same. I can feel it."
"But why can't it be a female?" Helen challenged, forcing the King away from herself with a loud shove, her blue eyes blazing a storm of magic in passion of her cause, "There has been many Queens in the past that ruled far more just than any man ever would. We decide on a female name also. I won't stand for this chauvinistic talk!"
"Never!" The King roared, "I will never hand my Kingdom over to a female to rule. My heir will be passed to a son if I must have a hundred children to get it, and that is final!"
"You despise her flesh and blood just because she is a SHE?" Helen screamed, grabbing his vest intensely, "What kind of man are you? Do you think such sullied thoughts as this upon myself? Do you think my heart would do 'your kingdom' such a dark decree?"
"Hush," His saffron eyes died down to a mellow gaze, grabbing his lover's fists gently, "I will ever love your mind, body, and soul. Beyond the fiery reds of our beloved land and the cold pits of death I would want no one else by my side for the rest of my life than you. The world will hear no end of your grace, and love for life. Ours will be the heart of millions all in one. Believe in my trust in yourself."
"But all of this in sake of a son? Perhaps I never have a son- what then? Will you murder daughter after daughter till my womb is no longer able to sedate your outlandish demand?"
"I..." The King's eyes widened in worry, as the storm of passion in her eyes turned to anger at his silence, turning into a thick black colour. Her eyes had never shown so much power flowing through her veins in her life. The King lowered his head feebly, "The eldest must be a son. I can't pass the heir to a daughter- it would dishonor the work my Father put in place. Lest no one will respect her- especially if she had blond hair..."
"It is that Drakobitus thing again, isn't it?" Barely a breath away from digging too deep into her latent abilities, Helen used every ounce of her will to hold back that second more, "He is testing you again, your father, isn't he? Just because you weren't able to find the last Drakobitus till he became 10 years old, you support his barbaric revolt to murder all blond boys. Solving a small problem with murder. That's all you men are good for- destruction!"
Grabbing the King's distraught face with her delicate hands, the finger tips swirled a golden thread of light for a moment, before melding into his head.
"My love- I'm sorry, but I am forced to place a curse upon you. For as long as you wish to hold my heart to your breast, your first born will always be the child inside of me. If perchance your love for me should fade, should I have a female, then I will know that we were never meant to be." Removing her hand from the King's face, she noticed that his eyes had turned glassy in shock. Her heart sunk to her stomach in dread of what she had done in her anger. Drawing a tear of sorrow, she turned away from his face.
"Is my love worth sacrificing for pride? For your father?"
The King was silent.

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