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-Yaoi- A Typical Day

by BishonenMistress

Libraries: Gothic, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots, Original Fiction, Romance

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Warning: MalexMale, Homosexuality, Yaoi, Smut, Vampirism -Original Fiction and Characters- A story that illustrates what Gareth and Raven, two lusty lovers, do in a typical day in their private mansion... This is my most smutty piece, as in it has more sex than plot. Most of my other stories have a better balance between the two. Just a forewarning.

Muffled sunshine dimly lights the lavish bedroom. A canopy style bed, king-sized, sits in the midst of the room. The sheets reflect a forest green. A similar colored, but leaf-patterned, cloth hangs from the canopy. Under the thick, lush covers lie two entwined bodies.  

Silver strands lay fallen upon chalky white skin. The long pale arm is wrapped about the lightly tanned torso of another whose hair is of the darkest black. The set of tanned arms are woven about the body of the first. Two very tall and nude men lie in each others' arms.

The one of pale skin lets out a soft yawn. Two sharp, pearly fangs are seen in his mouth. Two violet eyes creep open at the bitter light in the room. He focuses his eyes upon the face in front of him. As he realizes who he is lying beside, he smiles. The man of dark hair is breathing peacefully with a relaxed expression upon his face.

The vampire places a morning kiss to the other man's lips. A pale finger draws itself along the tanned jaw. The man of raven hair opens one green eye, and follows with the other.  

"Morning, Raven," the vampire says with a grin. Raven smiles too and kisses the other's forehead.

"Morning to you too, Gareth," the one of green eyes replies. Gareth nuzzles his silver head under Raven's chin. His placid arms tighten their grip about the black-haired man's torso.

"Sleep well?" Raven asks casually. He brushes a hand through the thick silvery tresses of his vampire lover.

"Of course," is the vampire's muffled response. Raven feels the vampire's lips grace against the skin of his neck. The one of emerald eyes chuckles softly.

"Hungry, hm?"

"A bit," Gareth murmurs. His tongue eases from his mouth to lick the soft skin of Raven's appealing neck. The dark-haired man shivers. A bit suddenly, Raven pushes the vampire out of his embrace, pushes him against the mattress, and straddles his waist.

"I don't feel like being bitten right now, but you shall have your meal," Raven says in an suggestive tone. Gareth gazes up at Raven.

"Very well," the vampire replies. The silky black hair falls over Raven's shoulder as he leans down and kisses the man below him. The kiss is vibrant and quite aggressive for so early in the morning. Gareth raises an arm up about Raven's neck and buries his fingers in the soft black hair.

Raven teasingly draws his finger tips down Gareth's nude form. His index finger slowly circles the vampire's left nipple. Gareth pulls Raven down closer in order to kiss him harder. But a short moment later, the black-haired man pulls up from the morning kiss. His emerald eyes have become hazy slits of allure while a pleased smile crosses his mouth.

Gareth licks his lips and pulls Raven back down for another kiss. His heated tongue gains entry to Raven's awaiting mouth. The man of dark hair does likewise with his own wet tongue. Raven finds the sharp fangs in the vampire's mouth and slices his tongue upon one of the white fangs. Crimson nectar fills Gareth's hungry mouth. The vampire makes a content moan and suckles upon Raven's bleeding tongue. The blood tastes simply divine, as it always does.  

Upon drinking his fill, Gareth releases Raven's mouth from his own. He licks his lips and looks up at Raven with a content expression. The black-haired man smiles down at his vampire.  A little blood trickles down from the corner of Raven's mouth. Gareth's violet eyes zone in on the precious fluid. He sits up and licks the corner of Raven's mouth to clean him of the blood.

The licks venture further over Raven's face. A lick to his cheek, then his jaw and another to the tip of his chin, then along the edge of his right ear. Emerald eyes shut as Raven lets out a soft moan. The green-eyed man rests a hand upon Gareth's supple thigh and then draws his hand down the smooth pale skin. His simple touch sends a shiver through the vampire's body.

His hand caresses down to his knee, then back up the inner thigh. Gareth leans his head back from the man atop him. His violet eyes shut as a moan eases from between his lips. A moment later, one of Raven's long fingers slips into the vampire's passage.

"Hmm... you're still a bit stretched from last night," Raven murmurs in an amused tone. A second finger pushes into Gareth's entrance. The vampire takes a sharp breath. The dark-haired man gently thrusts his two long fingers in and out ever so slowly. Then he spreads his fingers to stretch the silver-haired vampire... for easier entry. Gareth groans softly. Raven soon relinquishes his fingers from the heated vampire.

Gareth looks up at the man above him and growls sensually. He spreads his pale legs as far as they can go and then leans his head back into the pillow with his violet eyes shut in anticipation. Raven smirks ever so slightly and grabs the vampire's slender legs to rest them upon his shoulders. Raven's heated member is plunged into the slippery passage. Gareth grips the sheets a bit in his tightening fingers. The dark-haired man embeds his entire length in the beautiful vampire and then stops momentarily.

All is silent, except for a long sigh down within Gareth's throat. The emerald-eyed man gazes down upon the silver-haired vampire and then leans forward to catch his lips in an arousing kiss. His hips pull away from the man below, and then thrust forward again, embedding the hardness back in Gareth's warm core. The thrusts continue in such a manner as the pace quickens. Raven draws his mouth from Gareth's and kisses down along his pale jaw. The vampire of violet eyes leans his head to the side and moans softly at the divine pleasure Raven's heated movements keep providing. For someone so tall and sometimes menacing, Raven's movements hold a forceful quality while maintaining a tender touch.

Before long, the black-haired man takes the vampire's hardened shaft into his hand and begins stroking him in time with his own powerful thrusts. Gareth cries out louder as the wonderful feel of Raven's hand upon his manhood travels up his spine. Emerald eyes shut as the familiar feeling of ecstasy builds up within. Gareth's thighs tighten as his cries heighten. With a few more choice thrusts and strokes, the two come at the same instant---releasing their essence in utter delight.

Gareth inhales deeply as his body relaxes. A light sweat has come to his brow. Raven gently drops the slender pale legs from his shoulders. He looks down at the white seed now covering Gareth's heaving mid-section. The dark-haired man draws his index finger down Gareth's torso, getting the sticky cream upon his finger tip. He brings his finger to his mouth, and licks it with the tip of his tongue. Violet eyes look up at him while vampiric cheeks flush ever so slightly. Raven smiles and places a kiss to Gareth's cheek.

"I think you need a bath,"

"... I agree," Gareth replies a bit breathlessly. Raven stands up from the large bed and picks up the limp vampire in his arms. The violet-eyed one nuzzles Raven's bare chest and lets out a content sigh. Raven pushes open the bathroom door with his back. He then gently drops Gareth upon his feet in the tiled shower.

The man of black hair rests his hand upon one of the faucets and turns on the heated water. The hot downpour of water droplets soak the two men. Steam arises in the shower. Gareth leans his head back as the hot warm liquid pours over his nude form. Raven walks behind him, with a soaped washcloth in hand, to wash his vampire. His strong hands scrub up and down Gareth's back, along his sides, down his arms, and further down his thighs. The vampire moans happily at the much appreciated attention to his skin. Raven's talented hands find their way to the front of Gareth's naked body and gently begin washing the remaining seed from the vampire's sculpted abs.

Gareth leans back upon Raven as the soothing washing continues. His violet eyes shut and a pleased smile passes over his face. The dark-haired man nuzzles his face in the wet silvery locks. Raven soon rests his hands upon Gareth's nipples and rolls the soft nubs between his fingers till they harden. The vampire groans quietly. The one of green eyes nips at the vampire's pale neck as his hands travel downward. Gareth hears Raven growl suggestively in his ear as a single long finger draws itself from the base of the vampire's manhood and up to the sensitive tip. The one of silver hair moans softly as his member resurrects its heated state.   

Their wet locks cling to their nude bodies. Without any verbal commands, Gareth rests his arms upon the tiled wall and leans upon them, thus leaving his pale ass quite vulnerable. Raven leans lightly upon the vampire's back while resting his hands upon Gareth's tight rear. His thumbs caress the soft white skin while Raven places light watery kisses along Gareth's tingling spine. Not wasting another moment, the dark-haired man shoves his erection into his dear vampire's entrance once more. Gareth groans loudly as his hands ball into fists.

Raven lets out a primal growl as his supple shaft is squeezed in Gareth's tight ass. The green-eyed man continues holding onto the vampire's hips while pumping himself in and out quite fast. Gareth grits his teeth and pushes his rear back against Raven's hard thrusts. Not long after, the raven-haired man grips the vampire's aching manhood and caresses the hardened tip.

Gareth moans out louder upon being grabbed by Raven's enticing hands. The rough motions become quite pleasing to the two heated men. The vampire cries out louder and louder as utter delight coils up inside his body. The hot water continues pouring down upon their backs, and the vivid steam surrounds their moving bodies. Everything feels like its burning---inside and out.

"Raven-sama!" the vampire cries loudly. The comforting and ever welcomed pleasure crashes upon every inch of his flesh, muscle and bone. Hot seed spurts from Gareth's relieved vessel as his muscles relax. The heavy thrusts continue until Raven, too, has gasped in reacquainted pleasure.

Raven pushes Gareth's limp body against the tiled wall. The two men catch their breath. Raven buries his face in Gareth's moist neck. The vampire chuckles softly as the hot breaths touch his neck.

"That tickles," Gareth murmurs. Raven lets go of his vampire and turns off the water. Nothing but shimmering watery droplets cover their nude bodies. Gareth glances over at Raven and smiles at him through the left over mist. The dark-haired man smiles back and picks up the vampire in his arms. He carries the silver-haired creature out of the shower and gently sets his damp form upon the bed. Their long wet hair clings to their skin. A few lose strands frame their faces and plaster to their cheeks.

Gareth reaches a hand up to Raven's face and pushes a few wet strands off his cheek. The black-haired man leans his head into the vampire's touch.

"Tired yet?" Raven murmurs. The vampire shakes his silvery head and smiles a bit mischievously. Raven leans further down to the pretty vampire and nips at his awaiting lips. The vampire wraps his placid fingers about Raven's broad shoulders and pushes him to the side, then turns and straddles the black-haired man's waist.

"Oh... so you want a turn on top, eh?" Raven says in a smirk. Gareth licks his lips and nods his head. A heavy wet tendril of silver hair falls over his shoulder and brushes against Raven's bare stomach. The black-haired man grabs a hold of the vampire's shoulders and turns them about so he is once more on top of the silver-haired beauty.

"Who said I'd be willing to stay on the bottom?" Raven says in a low and sensual hiss. Gareth gazes up at Raven, rests a hand on the side of his face and pulls his head down to kiss him very deeply. With his mouth distracted, Gareth latches onto the raven-haired man and turns them over a third time---this time with the vampire on top.

The vampire entwines his fingers with that of Raven's and holds their hands above Raven's black-haired head. The violet eyes gain a seductive appeal as Gareth gazes at his beloved Raven.

"...Hmm... I suppose I can make an exception this time," Raven murmurs after a short period of silence. He shivers under the continuous gaze. The vampire smiles and brings his lips down upon the other's once more. Their lush lips stroke against one another. Strings of hot salvia pass between their passion seeking mouths. Gareth slides his thigh beneath Raven's and lifts up his lower torso, thus aligning it with his own.

The vampire pushes his mouth harder against Raven's lips. Their hips grind together slowly in order to continue the trembling feeling that flows between them as they touch one another. Gareth's wet tongue submerges itself in Raven's delicious mouth. The two men's sensitive erections caress one another', causing both to groan into the other's mouth.  Raven slowly brings his leg up about Gareth's waist while keeping the other upon the mattress.

Gareth draws his mouth from Raven's, and drags his lips down the dark-haired man's jaw and down to his smooth neck. The tips of their pleasure-seeking manhood touch one another. Raven shudders as the teasing sensation runs down his spine. One of the pale hands releases one of Raven's. The vampire reaches over to the night stand with his free hand and grabs up the tube of lubricant. He rests the already uncapped tube at Raven's tight entrance and squeezes out some of the cold, sexual assistant. Raven grits his teeth as a shiver of ice runs over his body.

Two pale fingers slowly shove themselves inside the dark-haired man. Raven shuts his eyes and relaxes his body. The thrusts of Gareth's fingers within him don't even make him flinch. But his tanned hand still held by Gareth's tightens the grip his fingers have upon the vampire's. Gareth nuzzles Raven's neck and teasingly draws his fangs over the smooth flesh without breaking the skin. Raven shivers once more. The soft thrusts of Gareth's fingers quicken as the man of dark hair is slowly stretched. Once Raven's passage is wide enough, the one of silver hair removes his two oiled fingers.

The black-haired man takes a deep breath. The sharp fangs sink into Raven's neck as the vampire plunges his aching member into the other's awaiting hole. The one of dark hair grunts in a low tone as he is invaded. The vampire suckles upon the other's bleeding neck---enjoying the heavenly scarlet fluid. His hips are pushed against Raven's as the vampire sinks his entire length  further into Raven's pleasing core. The man of dark hair leans his head to the side, thus exposing more of his neck to the vampire. Gareth continues lapping at the delicious blood. Green eyes close after a short while and Raven lets out a whisper like groan as he tightens his passage around Gareth's hardened manhood.

The vampire above him shivers as he is squeezed. He finishes his bloody meal and licks Raven's tanned neck clean of the red nectar. Raven continues to squeeze his vampire's engorged member in his body. Gareth leans his head back to let out a louder moan. Then the silvery vampire rests his hands upon the mattress and finally pulls out of Raven's pleasing passage. He leans his pale lips down and brushes them against Raven's as he thrusts his heated vessel back in. The man of dark hair darts his tongue out to lick the vampire's lips. His tanned leg still upon the mattress joins his other as it wraps around the vampire's slender waist.

Gareth takes care in his well timed thrusts. The man of dark hair feels the small bursts of tasted pleasure tingle his flesh all over, yet he remains nearly silent. Gareth pulls back from their kiss and looks down at Raven with wounded violet eyes.

"Not gonna moan for me, Raven?" Gareth asks. The man of raven hair opens one green eye to peer up at Gareth. The vampire continues his torturous motions whilst gazing down at Raven's face.

"I know it feels good," the vampire murmurs as he finishes his sentence with a sharp gasp. He pumps his hips a bit harder into the dark-haired man's hot passage.

"So why won't ya moan for me?" the silver-haired Gareth asks once more in a soothing tone. Raven smiles a bit oddly and leans his head further back into the soft pillow.

"I'll moan when I feel like..." he starts, but is interrupted by a sharp breath, "it...!" he finishes and takes another breath. His long fingers twitch as the spurts of passion mess with his muscle control. The vampire smiles down at the man below him---at how hard he was trying to remain silent. It is then that Gareth takes his erection from Raven's body. Pale hands grab a hold of the tanned lower torso and bring it up  to Gareth's chest. He rests both of the toned legs upon his shoulders and smirks down at Raven. The man of green eyes opens them to peer up at the vampire's tactic. The warm tongue slips out from between the vampire's placid lips, and licks the tip of Raven's manhood.

The one blow tenses Raven's body ever so slightly, then he relaxes. His silence remains. Then there is another lick, this time a bit longer than the last. Then another and another. Raven lets out a small gasp as the vampire takes his length into his wet mouth. Being careful of his fangs, Gareth manages to down the entire length. His face remains relaxed as he begins to suckle upon his Raven's pleasure-filled instrument. The pressure increases and Raven grabs the sheets with his tensing fists. He takes another sharp breath as the vampire releases his member and begins to lick the hardened shaft up and down with his talented tongue.

Raven tenses more and more till he feels like he might break every muscle in his body. The silvery-haired vampire takes the utterly susceptible tip into his mouth and suckles upon it only. His tongue rubs against the very tip in his mouth. Raven finally gives in and lets out a loud groan. The vampire releases the teased shaft from his mouth and rests the dark-haired man's torso back upon the mattress.

"Gareth!" Raven hisses in un-fulfillment. The vampire chuckles cruelly and runs the tip of his tongue along his lip. Pale hands bring the dark-haired man's legs back around his waist. The vampire's member embeds itself back inside Raven's pleasure-ripe body. The man of dark hair gasps out quite loudly this time and shuts his green eyes. Each tempting thrust makes Raven groan and moan a bit louder. His aching member seeks release as the vampire continues thrusting into his tensing ass.

"Gareth!" Raven says, this time in more of a pleading cry. The built up tension feels far too great, yet continues to build. The sharp thrusts become harder and harder. Gareth leans his head back and groans too as the pleasure builds to its peak. They burst once more, in unison. The passion spreads through their veins and makes them both limp temporarily. The vampire collapses upon the other's heaving body. They gasp for breath and oxygen. The vampire soon nuzzles his cheek against the man below's and purrs in sweet content.

"Shall we go for another round?" Gareth purrs into Raven's ear. The man of dark hair brushes his fingers through the damp silver locks of the vampire above and looks up at his violet eyes.

"As much as I'd love to, pet, I must go look up a few choice documents," Raven murmurs and kisses Gareth's cheek.

"Right now?" the vampire says with a pout.

"Yes, right now," Raven replies as he kisses the other cheek. Gareth sighs softly.

"Alright," the vampire surrenders his Raven to the task of work. The emerald-eyed man sits up and kisses his vampire's lips.

"A bit later we can play again," Raven says in a suggestive voice. The vampire smiles and nods his head. He gets off of Raven's nude form. The man of black hair stands up from the bed in his naked glory and walks toward the door. With a snap of his fingers, he is dressed. Gareth looks at him at the door. Raven glances back at the vampire upon the bed with his green eyes and winks at him before leaving the room.

The vampire smirks mischievously and gets up from the bed as well. He walks to the closet in the large bedroom and opens the door. He paws through the many pieces of clothing. His violet eyes widen in a pleased notion as he grabs a few pieces he deems useful.

"Hmm... now how could I make use of these," he murmurs to himself.

Raven approaches his study. The door opens automatically as he walks in and it closes behind him. He walks up to one of the many tall wooden bookshelves in his large study and starts running his fingers over the spines of the many books.

"Hmm... now where did I put that form," he thinks to himself. He pulls a book off the shelf, flips through it, then puts it back. He does the same to another few books. His fingers pause on the gold-lettered spine of a certain book. He pulls this one off the shelf and flips to the first yellow page.

"Ah ha... here we are," he says out loud as he flips a few more pages in to the table of contents. He runs his finger down the list and finds the page number. While flipping through for the specific page, he sits down in a comfy green chair and leans back in the plush padding to read.

The large mansion is pretty silent as his green eyes pass over the words written in a language not many could understand. He turns the page after finishing reading it, and continues upon the next. He turns about ten pages before the door of his study creaks open. Raven pauses in his reading and glances up at the door.

As the door swings all the way open, a scrumptious creature leans upon the doorframe. Pale skin is clad in nothing much but a few black leather belts and bits of fishnet here and there. Gareth's face holds a seductive gaze as he runs his placid leg against the wall. His leather covered crotch rubs against the door frame and the sexy vampire lets out a molestable moan.

Raven drops his book. His green eyes stare at the bondage clad vampire against the study doorway.

"May I come in?" Gareth asks in a soft voice.

"May you come in? You better come in, and bring that sexy little ass with you!" Raven says in an aroused growl. The silver-haired vampire smiles and slowly pushes off from the doorframe. He slinks over to the dark-haired man in the green recliner. His pale hips sway back and forth as he approaches the man of black hair. Then he sits down upon Raven's lap with his pale legs spread so his leather clothed crotch rubs against the already hardening member beneath Raven's pants. The emerald-eyed man growls in primal need and reaches his arms up around the vampire's tempting body. Raven then buries his face in the vampire's slender neck to kiss the silky flesh.

"Hmm... someone's anxious," Gareth says in a purr. Long, pale fingers draw themselves through soft raven tresses. Raven's tanned hands run along the luscious body of the vampire upon his lap.

"Yes, I am quite anxious," Raven replies in a muffled growl. He nips aggressively at the vampire's neck and up along his jaw and pointed left ear. Violet eyes shut as Gareth makes a pleased moan. He rubs his leathery crotch harder against Raven's awakened member. The man of black hair growls again in arousal. His tanned fingers search for the buckles or zippers or knots that are keeping the small bits of leather and fishnet on the sensual creature in his lap.

Giving up on finding a normal means of removal, Raven slips his hand up under one of the leather belts, and rips the outfit from his vampire's pale frame. Gareth lets out a surprised gasp and then chuckles at Raven's primal tactic of removing the clothes. The silvery vampire draws his finger tips over the other's shirt and pulls the fabric over Raven's head. His pants follow likewise as Gareth rearranges himself on Raven's lap to remove the piece of fabric. Raven rests his hands upon the vampire's tempting rear and squeezes the cheeks. Gareth purrs once more and leans his silver-haired head upon the green-eyed man's broad shoulder.

"Are you going to take me really rough?" the vampire croons into the other's ear as he circles his pale finger tip around the dark-haired one's right nipple.

"Yes... very rough," Raven replies in a suggestively glazed tone. Raven's large hands lift the vampire up and then bring his pale rear down upon his aching manhood. Gareth makes a sharp gasp and shuts his eyes. The tinge of pain zips up his spine and makes him shiver. The dark-haired man then lifts up the vampire again and brings him back down upon his erection. Over and over again. Gareth groans as the pain slowly melds into inconceivable pleasure. His pale thighs become very tired and achy, yet he continues bringing himself down upon Raven's hardened shaft.

"Raven-sama... you feel so good inside me," Gareth whispers between his gasping breaths. The raven-haired one himself is taking rather fast breaths as his arms continue lifting the pale vampire up and down upon his lap. Gareth wraps his pale arms around Raven's shoulders and shuts his violet eyes.

A moment later, Raven stands from the chair and pushes Gareth into the plush recliner. He grabs hold of the pale legs and thrusts back into the vampire's stretched channel. Gareth leans his silver-haired head back into the green fabric of the chair and cries out. The rough thrusts make a bit of pain to return, causing the vampire to grip tightly to the arms of the chair.

The man of dark hair leans down, whilst continuing his thrusts, and kisses the tensing creature in his grasp. Pale trembling lips brush against Raven's visiting mouth. The tempting pit of pleasure grows within their chests and goes down to both's stomachs and even further through their limbs. Every muscle tightens and tenses. A few more moments will send both the two men over the edge of accustomed desire.

Gareth's lips break from Raven's to let out a scream like cry of deliverance. The dark-haired man groans a moment after as pleasure engulfs him too. He leans forward on the back of the chair and stares down at the silver-haired vampire below him. They smile at one another through their panting breaths. The one of green eyes leans down further and kisses the vampire lovingly and then nuzzles his cheek. Gareth wraps his arms around the other's neck and kisses his cheek adoringly. The two purr to one another as relaxation falls over them like rain.

"You naughty vampire you... you interrupted my studies," Raven murmurs playfully. Gareth chuckles and sticks his pink tongue out between his fangs. The man of dark hair smirks and catches the soft tongue in an alluring kiss. Then he grabs Gareth by his slender waist and slings his pale form over his tanned shoulder.

"Oh... what are you gonna do to me?" the vampire asks in a playfully innocent voice. Raven exits the study with the vampire upon his shoulder. His green eyes glance at the ones of violet as a suggestive smirk comes over his face.

Once back in the bedroom, Raven drops the silver-haired creature upon the mattress and straddles his pale form. His forceful tanned hands grab a hold of Gareth's hands and pulls them up to the wooden bed post. Upon his will, two metallic handcuffs with soft inner padding appear about Gareth's wrists and around the bedpost. The violet-eyed vampire looks up at his hands, the cuffs around them and then back at Raven.

"Eep... I am being punished?" Gareth asks. The man of black hair licks the vampire's pale lips and chuckles.

"Yes... yes you are," the dark-haired man says in snicker. His searching tongue licks from the vampire's lips up to his cheek and down along his jaw to his sensitive neck. Gareth shivers under Raven's seductive tongue. The one of silver hair squirms under the man atop. The green-eyed man draws his tasting mouth down the other's pale chest and licks the delicious pink buds. The vampire yelps upon being bit.

"I thought I was suppose to do the biting," Gareth murmurs.

"Not at the moment," Raven smirks with the pink nipple in his mouth. Tanned arms wrap themselves about the pale torso and raise Gareth up a bit on the mattress. Raven takes his mouth from the nipple and buries his face in the crook of the vampire's pale neck.

Using a single finger, the one of black hair draws his finger tip lightly down Gareth's spine. The vampire's violet eyes open wide due to the sudden arrival of an undescribable feeling flowing through his being. His eyes close a moment later as he relishes in Raven's personal and secret teasing technique. The gentle strokes of Raven's finger tip cause the vulnerable vampire to shiver in sensual ecstasy. He wriggles in his restraints and lets out an enticed moan.

"Raven-sama... you're teasing me," the vampire whimpers.

"Good," the other smirks as his unbelievably talented hands work themselves all over Gareth's pale being. The vampire moans and cries out more as the teasing sensations continue to provoke his inner workings. He leans his body into Raven's hands wherever they touch him. Before long, the heated Gareth begins to push his hips up against Raven's. The man of black hair notices his behavior and chuckles.

"Oh... you really want it now don't ya?" Raven asks in a shiver-causing tone.

"Yes...! Please, Raven-sama!" Gareth pleas. The talented tanned fingers lightly draw themselves the vampire's damp thigh. Gareth shudders in delight and moans ever so loudly.

"I don't know if I should give you such a feeling, after all you were naughty," Raven murmurs in the silver-haired one's ear. His warm breath makes the pale skin tingle.

"Please..." Gareth pleads once more in a whimper.  His sensitive region moves against Raven's thigh.

"Why should I?" Raven replies as he lightly licks the vampire's pointed ear.

"Because... I need you," the vampire gasps as Raven rests his lips against the pale jaw. "I need you badly... Please, Raven-sama."

"I spoil you so," Raven smirks as he brings his lips up against Gareth's. The vampire shuts his violet eyes and groans into the other's mouth. Tan hands lift the pale torso up a bit more as Raven fills Gareth's  awaiting core with his being. The silvery creature squirms as he is entered which causes him to bite down on the dark-haired man's lips. Drizzles of blood flow from the smooth lips and fall into Gareth's mouth. The vampire's hungry tongue darts out from between his lips to lick the scarlet fluid he has spilled from his Raven's mouth.

The green-eyed one pushes himself further into the sweet creature's body. His eyes shut as he relishes in a pleasing up sweep of passion. The vampire wraps his pale legs about the other's torso. Their lips part for a moment. The two sets of eyes gaze at one another. But then the contact is broken and the burning feeling of building joy pours into both their bodies. The pace is forceful and strong, and quite fulfilling.

Gareth leans his head back onto the soft pillow and groans. He raises his hips up to meet Raven's as the two connect through the dark and lust filled ritual. The man of emerald eyes nuzzles the vampire's chest and collar with aggressive kisses and nips.

"Raven-sama..." Gareth says in a moan like whisper. A few tanned fingers draw themselves through the damp silver locks strewn about the bed. The pace continues without changing, and the building pleasure continues building... for a few hours. The sun sets slowly and darkness covers the realm. Yet their love making does not cease. The need for release is higher than any times earlier. Their nude forms sparkle with beads of sweat. The muscles ache from tensing and from over use. Yet they continue on drawing out the session as long as it will go.

Gareth grips the sheets in his fists. The bed has become quite disheveled. Raven's black hair is plastered to his wet back. Then upon the stroke of midnight they break the boundary of living pleasure. It is overwhelming as it overtakes both men's weakening forms. Their muscles spasm and the blood boils. The vampire screams as his body loses control. Then his voice is broken from the strain of such loud a cry.

Raven collapses upon the silver-haired vampire. Their bodies gasp for air once more. One tanned arm reaches up and releases Gareth's wrists from the padded cuffs. Using the last of his strength, Gareth wraps his arms about Raven's middle and nuzzles his face into the damp tanned neck. Raven rests his own arms about the vampire in his embrace. The room is silent now as their breathing slowly regains regularity. Gareth raises his head enough to look up at Raven's green eyes and smiles at him lovingly.

"You make me happy there is a tomorrow." 

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