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-Yaoi- The Roadtrip

by BishonenMistress

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Warning: MalexMale, Homosexuality, Yaoi, Affair -Original Fiction and Characters- Sterling, Okami, Torako and Lucilla ona roadtrip... inspired from the many roadtrips I've gone on in my life... except none of them were like this ^.^;;

The freeway is endless. The pavement lies dark and flat. Upon it are dashed yellow markings and unbroken white lines. The headlights cast a odd glow upon the never-ending road, almost making the markings shimmer. Lucilla stares blankly at the road.

"Like... silver and gold necklaces, wrapped about a dark collar," she murmurs out loud.

"What?" Okami glances over at her across the backseat. His crimson eyes look dark in the setting sunlight. Lucilla, broken from her trance, looks back at Okami with her eyes of silver.

"Just... comparing the road to things," Lucilla says with a sheepish grin. Okami smiles back at her.

"Just another hour," Sterling, their driver, says over his shoulder.

"Keep your eyes on the road!" Torako scolds Sterling. The light blonde looks over at his fiancee.

"Who here has their license?" he muses. Torako narrows her blue eyes and folds her arms.

"As I thought. Me," Sterling finishes with a mischevious grin. Torako sticks out her tongue at the driver. Okami and Lucilla look to the two in the front seat, watching their childish antics.

"Why did we have to drive again?" Okami asks.

"To spend some quality family time together!" Sterling replies with enthusiasm.

"Right... quality," Okami mumbles with a role of his red eyes. Lucilla giggles. She looks back to the window, watches a few more green signs pass by, then shuts her eyes.

"I have to go," Torako whines. Sterling glances toward her, nods, and turns off on exit 14. The narrow road rolls down a hill, and leads to one thing---a gas station. The redhead girl sighs and gets out of the car when it stops. She scurries off to the restroom while Sterling steps out of the car to fill up on gas. Okami looks over at the napping Lucilla. Then he too gets out of the car.

"I am gonna go to the restroom too," Okami murmurs to Sterling. The blonde nods without looking at the boy, instead his attention remaining upon the gas pump. Okami walks off silently. The automatic glass doors open, thus letting Okami enter the small convenience store. The black-haired boy passes by three rows of artery clogging and artificially preserved snacks to find the bathroom in the back.

The white bathroom door shows an old sign of a co-ed, one person bathroom. The metal doorknob alerts him that the door is locked. Okami leans upon the nearby wall, waiting for Torako to open the door. A loud flushing sound comes from within and the redhead opens the door. Okami glances at her as she emerges.

"Not bad for a gas station restroom," she muses as she walks past. Okami watches her as she walks to one of the rows of junkfood, grabs up a candybar and heads to the cashier. Sterling walks through the automatic glass doors. Torako's blue eyes cox him to come over... And give her money to buy the candy bar. He smiles as he hands her a 5 dollar bill. Then he leaves her side and heads toward the back. Okami blinks his eyes and turns to the empty restroom.

Before he can get into the doorway, Sterling rests two hands upon his shoulders. His silver eyes peek over Okami's shoulder to peer into the small bathroom. Okami narrows his eyes.

"Let go so I can walk in, please," he murmurs. To his surprise, Sterling pushes the younger man into the bathroom, follows him in and shuts the door.

"Hey! I want privacy!" Okami says with a raised voice. Silver eyes look from the locked door knob to the enraged boy behind him. With a knowing smile, the taller man pounces upon the black-haired boy, and brings his hungry mouth to the other's. Crimson eyes widen as the youth is caught off guard. Sterling grips his hands about Okami's upper arms and pulls the black-haired boy into his embrace.

Their kiss breaks shortly after. Silver eyes covered in a suggestive mist stare into the trembling crimson orbs. Okami swallows hard.

"I can't do this... especially in a public restroom," Okami says hoarsely. Sterling chuckles at the young teen's comment. He leans down and nuzzles the raven-haired one's cheek with soft lips.

"It's been three months... And right now I crave to fuck you, Okami... my drug," Sterling growls into Okami's ear. A shiver runs down Okami's back as the dirty and addictive words trail over his thoughts. A hungry hand gropes the black-haired teen's round left cheek through the seat of his pants. Okami nearly jumps in the other's arms as a red glow errupts upon his cheeks.

"Sterling!" Okami yelps with defiance. He pulls Sterling's hand off his rear. Instead, Sterling gropes the other cheek with his other hand. Okami jumps once more. With his nose wrinkled in irritation, Okami nearly glares at Sterling. The silver-eyed man chuckles at the flustered teen and kisses his nose.

"Well you're not leaving the bathroom till I get my way, you realize that don't you?" Sterling murmurs against Okami's cheek. The black-haired one's aggression slowly subsides as he sighs.

"I could only assume," Okami groans. Sterling's hand slips down the back of Okami's pants, to continue caressing the silky bun. Okami's cheeks redden more as he slowly leans his head against Sterling's shoulder.

"Stop acting like you don't like it. You know and I know that you like it," Sterling says with a smirk as he plants a kiss to Okami's forehead. The raven-haired one pouts his lips.

"Just because I do doesn't make it right," he replies. His pants fall to the ground about his ankles in a rumpled pile. Sterling's hands run down his slender thighs, feeling the soft skin lightly covered in prickles.

"I never said it was right," Sterling replies. His fingers continue to trail up and down Okami's legs.

"I need to get you back to shaving again," Sterling muses softly.

"It itches," Okami mumbles into Sterling's shirt. The blonde chuckles once more. He tilts the pretty boy's face up to kiss his pouting lips again. Giving into fate, Okami shuts his red eyes as he pushes back against Sterling's lips. They share soft and wet nip-like kisses---short and arrousing. The blonde plants the feather kisses all about Okami's blushing face. The teen's skin feel hot beneath Sterling's lips.

The silver-eyed one slowly rubs his thigh between Okami's sensitive loin. Okami responds with whisper like whimpers. Sterling  places a final kiss to the teen's silky neck. Then he kneels down infront of the heated boy. His hands continue to stroke Okami's thighs, bringing more attention to the sensitive inner regions. His lips brush against the tip.

Okami tenses, burying his hands in Sterling's blonde mane, as he feels the hot, wet interior of Sterling's mouth engulf him. The slow movements of Sterling's mouth tease the raven-haired boy. He bites his lip to hold in his moans.

"Sterling... faster... please," Okami whimpers. The blonde man tightens his grip upon Okami's round cheeks as he quickens the suckling. Okami groans. The pleasure spring within him, all coiled, releases a moment after. The teen throws his head back, letting out a loud cry.

A few customers out in the convienience store look to the bathroom door with questioning expressions, then return to their shopping.

Okami falls forward upon Sterling. His warm breath puffs upon the blonde's shoulder in short bouts. Sterling licks his lips like a cat while his hands softly rubs his palms over Okami's back. He stands up and brushes his mouth against the teen.

Crimson pools open and glance up at the taller man. Sterling smiles into the red eyes. One of his hands unzips his fly. Okami looks down---watching the blonde pull down his trousers. His cheeks flush faintly. Sterling pulls one of Okami's legs up around his waist. Then he wraps his other arm about the teen's slender waist.

Okami winces as they bring their hips together. The sensation burns within him like a hot poker.

"Been a while since I've been inside you... it hurts doesn't it?" Sterling murmurs into the youth's ear. He holds Okami's quivering frame to his own, with his shaft embedded in Okami's body. The dark-haired teen groans a soft reply as he shuts his eyes and grits his teeth.

Tightening his grip on Okami's torso, Sterling pulls himself from the tight opening, then re-enters. Okami groans softly into Sterling's shoulder as the blonde finds a steady pace. Sterling moans softly himself from feeling the tight warm walls of Okami's entrance enclose about him. Okami is leaned back against the nearest wall as Sterling continues pumping forcefully into the teen.

With their eyes closed, the dull white interior of the bathroom fades away. They are left in the midst of their excitement as it builds inside their muscles and bones. Raven-haired Okami leans his head back against the white wall and cries out loudly.

Something shakes Lucilla's shoulder. She blinks her eyes as her sleep is broken. She glances over at Okami.

"We're here," he says gently. Lucilla rubs her silver eyes, blinks a few more times and stares at Okami.

"I thought you were in the bathroom," she murmurs thoughtlessly. Okami raises his eyebrow.

"No... we've been in the car for hours. You dozed off," Okami replies with a smile.

"Oh... must have been a dream," Lucilla murmurs again, more to herself.

"... You dreamed of me going to the bathroom?" Okami wrinkles his nose, slightly confused. Lucilla's eyes widen and she smiles meekly.

"No... just... something... else," she says softly. She opens the car door and gets out. Okami watches her leave.

"... yaoi fangirl + sleeping in car = scary dreams..."

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