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A Midnight Tale: Serona's Children

by Azron

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Gothic, Original Fiction, Series

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Medieval Fantasy set in a world that is still currently in development by me. It is about an adventurer that is trained in dealing with the paranormal. He has just finished his training and is now faced with a task of strange occurences and happenings in Danthal Valley. What he doesn't know is that he is about to get into the affairs of a goddess. This is a Action/Adventure Horror Story, Hope you like it. :)

A Midnight Tale

Children of Serona


     Caught about a strange land where the hearts of man were tainted with a vile darkness that covered the realm like a fog. Lost in a haze where death could be easily given as you fought your way through countless demons. Ready to give in when no hope lies. Caught in a land where god and man forged a silent war. Where you risk everything to save the man and your life hangs on a loosening thread.

Something that I have gone through in my lifetime and lived to tell about it, my story is about this fateful event that I encountered. None of this has to be believed but rather I am informing you about it so that if it might happen again you would be ready. May my history be yours, and my actions be your entertainment.


  • Vengard of Calard



  • 1086 A.C. Sunshade


     It was my time that day. I had finally graduated and ready to show the realms what I had to offer. Born and raised in Calard for most of my life made me adventurous. People from around the land would visit this large town, seeing its beautiful architecture and glorious gardens. To go see and meet new people made me excited. I joined an academy when I was thirteen and stayed until I was twenty-one. The academy was not ordinary, for it trained warriors to go up against the paranormal. Creatures from others sides and planes in the universe that were not common in our world. That is what I trained to go up against.

     Eight years had been very long but I lasted. They kept the training interesting and sometimes I actually versed paranormal monsters. But now that it was over (which I was glad it was) what was I to do now?

     Six days later I received word from one of my instructors that rumors were spreading in the city of Delmuras. He said that the rumors contained happenings that were not common. His words were " The rumors I have heard from townsfolk were quite astounding. It seems that the Pergrellion region had been overrun by hoards of strange creatures running about. The more I listened there was something about a change in an area known as Danthal Valley. People there have become incredibly violent with outsiders entering the territory." I responded with a few more questions and concerns. "Can you guess what is causing these changes? If there is something that is won’t I be ready to face it?"

     The instructor nodded "I am guessing it has to do with the monsters in the area. But I am not sure. What I am sure about is that you can handle this. You spent eight years at the academy and your progress has done well." I nodded and later that night I thought about going. The adventure was finally about to began, I smiled in my sleep as I decided I will go. I packed lightly to make travel easier. Then before I get into Danthal Valley I can stop by the nearest town and equip myself there.


     About twenty days of travel went by and I made it to Garol, a small trading town close by Danthal Valley. The journey was delightful. For the first time I have actually gone out and explore, I get to see so much. The feeling could last a lifetime. Upon entering I went to the local trader where I could get all my supplies in one area. I then bought the proper items I needed and listened for rumors as I browsed the goods in the trader’s post. Studded Leather Armor, Longsword, two Short Swords, several Pouches, and Supplies and Rations for my travel inwards. Valent checked the items for their condition and issued a cost. I paid and changed into my new black studded leather armor, which had a dark purple tinge to it.

     When I was satisfied that I had everything I went north into Danthal Valley. I went into a no-man’s land. The further I went in, the darker it seemed to get. Not a nighttime darkness but an evil darkness, something had been lurking around here that gave me an Eerie feeling. The land looked normal. The trees were a lush green and they were healthy, and the sky was a resilient orange of the upcoming sunset. The golden rays sparkled and then faded. I looked up at the sky to see swollen black clouds dampen the setting night. Rain followed soon after, an uncomfortable soaking rain fell hard. I was dampened and then drenched and chilled to the bone in a matter of seconds. I ran and tried not to be killed by the retched cold.

     In mere moments I ran into the town of Fellwen. This town was supposed to be a haven to weary travelers and lost merchants. My instructor told me that travelers were ran out by the townsfolk that lived there, some of them killed. This was my first stop to investigate the happenings of this valley. I headed towards the Inn and their door was locked, I banged hard but no answer. How could their be if there was boards nailed to the door. I decided to find the shelter of someone’s home. Trudging through mud and puddles I entered a small hovel in the southwest. Opening the door I welcomed myself, thinking that no one was home. But I was wrong when there was a man sleeping in a cot next to his cooking pot and fireplace. The hovel was small and poorly built but it managed to keep the rain away.

     When I closed the door it stirred the man and he awoken slightly. His eyes were dark and had a hatred deep within. "Who the hell are ye?" The man snapped suddenly jumping up from his cot. "I am Vengard of Cayard good sir. I am just wondering if I could spend a night here since your inn is closed." I tried as best I could to show no harm. The man glared and clenched his teeth. Furrows formed on his forehead and brows and his muscles tensed. The man looked like he was ready to kill. " We closed ‘hat inn because we don’ allow any company!" He yelled and grabbed his scythe. "Death to ye ‘resspasser!"

     The man swung his scythe and glanced my left arm. I jumped back with surprise and looked to where he cut me, little blood but I was fine. "Why are you doing this?" I snapped at him. I couldn’t contain the anger, whenever I was attacked that anger came and that was my combat prowess. I pulled out my longsword. The man didn’t even care that I talked now. He swung madly at me from the right. I dodged and dashed behind him. Before the man acted I bashed the hilt of my longsword in the back of the head. He fell with a thud. I sheathed my sword and inspected the unconscious man. No bites, no scars, nothing of any abnormal creature. Could it be magic? I thought to myself as I strode across the hovel. "And how was he able to swing at me in such a little hovel without damaging it?"

    The rain stopped. My brows furrowed in question. "The rain stopped? So soon?" I whispered to myself. "This place is not natural something is amiss. My instructor was right." I continued to mumble to myself. A hissing sound came from the northwest. Slowly I went for my longsword. The hissing grew louder. I moved my hands away; the hissing calmed and almost grew silent. I grabbed my longsword and unsheathed it. The hissing turned into a cry of warning. I jumped and rolled away from the hovel wall. Rubble and debris scattered.

     A horrific abomination stepped in the ruined hovel. A deformed claw grasped the unconscious man by the neck of his tunic. The body resembled a skinless blood red human figure. The creature looked pained as it walked in a half limp towards me, dragging the man along. The creature stopped for a moment and looked at me. Orange glowing eyes stared into mine. What was I to do with this hellish creature?

     The abomination dropped the man, his claw twitched and fingered. Its mouth opened in awe. The limping turned to a full walk. It let out a screech that wavered the air and chilled my heart. It raised its claw and swung at me with stunning speed. I dodged, but with a consequence of losing my cloak. The claws tore through the wool with ease and what were left were rags. I blinked twice and the abomination threw more of the rags to the floor and growled. I got my longsword ready for anything the creature might try next. The hand twitched again and clenched tightly.

     It ran at me and slashed its gruesome hand at me. I dodged and luckily there was no added weight to slow me down. I stepped to the side and scored a hit on the thing, longsword biting deep into the twisted flesh. The thing screeched and swiped me in the torso with its small claw. I pulled the longsword out of it and prepared for its next strike. The thing stroked the wound softly and looked at me with curious eyes. I grinned I was no easy pray.

     The thing lashed out at me again and I stepped to the side and swung my blade right into its neck. The blade cut deep and the thing jerked violently. It gurgled and fell to the ground in a thud. I looked at the thing closely and pulled the sword out of its twisted carcass. I looked back at the man that I had knocked out and saw if he had any wounds. I breathed a sigh of relief for a moment. More screeches sounded in the night. I knew this was going to be an adventure, just not a very deadly one, I am not sure if I can even handle it. Chilled cries echoed in the night, and it seemed like it grew darker still.

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