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Digiport Open!

by ShadowKnil

Libraries: Fantasy, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots, Original Fiction

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What happens when Veemon is all alone? And what happens if someone catches him doing something?

A/N: Please note that this is my first Yaoi fic, so don't blame me if it's crap.

Disclaimer: The one thing that sucks, I don't own Digimon, nor will I. T.T

Warnings: In this piece of fiction, there will be yaoi (M/M), Solo (M), a little Beast, and good old sex between 2 males. Enjoy!!

Pairings: Veemon x Davis

I've always loved my trainer, Davish. He was the one who took me in long ago and raised me. Since then, I've had a deeper feeling for him. Yet, I didn't know what it was. Keeping the feelings always bottled up inside of me, so he wouldn't find out, I began to have dreams of Davish. In them, he was thrusting something into my ass, and we both were enjoying that motion. Then Davish would scream, and something warm would go up further. After that, I'd always wake up in a sweat, and a wet spot on the carpet that I laid on. Back then I didn't know what those feelings meant.

A few nights after the best Davish dream, I was feigning sleep in his room, so that I could see what he was doing late at night. Peering through half-closed eyes, I noticed him rubbing his penis, while looking at photos on the computer. He was moaning, and growning, enjoying the action he was doing, while still gripping his eight inch erection. After about ten minutes, a white liquid shot from his penis into the air. Some of it hit his face, and he licked it away. The rest fell onto his chest, where he brought his hand over to wipe it up. Bringing that to his mouth, he licked the rest of the liquid so that he was clean of it. That was when I started to jack off. Seeing what effects it did on Davish.

On one particular occasion, we both were in the Digital World, searching for Dark Spires to destroy, and we decided to take a rest. Davish said he was tired, so he laid down, facing away from me. Taking this as an opportunity to jack off, I tip-toed away from camp, to a secluded part of the jungle. Sitting on a log, I began to run my pouch, to make my dick come out. The soft red head poked out, and I began to rub that. Replaying the images of my trainer masturbating and fucking me in my head, it was easy to get my dick to its full six inch hardness. Going faster, I began to let moans escape from my mouth, enjoying every single second of my masturbation. One coherent word escaped from me then, "Davish!!!"

I was so caught up masturbating, I didn't realize someone was watching me, until I heard a voice, "Hey, Veemon. Whatcha doing there?"

~~~~POV Big Smile avis~~~~
When I first met Veemon, I fell in love with him. I always wanted to make him purely mine and no one elses, for the longest of times. Erotic dreams of him haunted me, along with digital images I took of him. All of that made me horny. Every single time I wanted to ask him if I could mate with him, I chickened out because I wanted him to still like me, not hate me. The others think I love Kari, but I don't. I love Veemon.

--The Forest--
I had seen Veemon masturbate for some time now, and I wanted to see what might happen if I stumble upon him while he was engaged in the act. So I set up this little campsite, and waited for the right time. Feigning sleep so that he would think I wouldn't notice him leaving, I followed to see what he would do. Sure enough, he started to jack off. What surpised me was what he actually said during this session.

"Davish!!!" He moaned.

I smiled. Now I knew the answer to the one question I've wanted to ask him for a while. Sneaking up behind him, I open my mouth and say. "Hey Veemon. Whatcha doing there?"

His half-squinted eyes shot open, and he turned around to see me. "Oh, hi Davish." He was trying to hide the erection he had, but I knew it was there.

"So Veemon, were you masturbating?" I asked, smiling.

Crimson colored Veemon's cheeks as he looked to the ground. However, his gaze shifted from there, to my face, as I walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. I pushed my tongue into his mouth an dswirled it around, enjoying the warmth that invited it. Massaging his gums, and then going to his teeth, I wiped them clean with my hard tongue.

He pushed away, making his face flood with more crismon.

As I stared at the ground, embarrassed of what I was caught doing, Davish lifted my head, to kiss me. His tongue invaded my mouth, and licked all around. I liked the feeling, but I didn't know why Davish was doing this. So I pushed away, and blushed some more.

"Davish, what are you doing?" I asked as I saw him start to unbutton his shirt.

"Veemon, I've wanted to do something with you for the longest of times. It's something that would strengthen our bond together. Would you like to do it?" He replied, as he finally got his shirt off.

Looking back at his face, I smiled. "Yes, Davish." I went over to his pants, and undid them, for I had done that many of times. When they slid down his legs, Davish'sh boxers were tented with his eight inch erection. Slipping one of my fingers under the band, I pulled them down, to let the erection breathe.

"Ok, Veemon." He said, as he lifted me up, so that we could kiss again. This time I found my way into his mouth. Our tongues intertwined as he began to rub up and down my back. He ended the kiss this time, with enough time for us to take some breaths. Then he put me on the ground. "I need you to lay on your back for this, ok?" He asked.

I nodded as I did what I was told. He hovered over me, and began to kiss my chest. Licking around a little, he made his way to my cock.

~~~~POV Big Smile avis~~~~
"I need you to lay on your back for this, ok?" I asked him. His responce was a nod, and a completion of what I told him. Thoughts ran through my head, as I bent down to lick his chest. I could not believe that I would take my own partner. Going towards his ass, I began to tease at his dick, giving quick licks to the tip of it. He squeeled and moaned, begging me to take his cock into my mouth. I told him. "Not yet. That is for later."

Finally reaching my destination, the place I've drempt of, I licked my fingers to lube it for my thrusting. "Veemon, this will hurt for a little while, then pleasure will come. If it's too much, just tell me to stop, and I will." With another nod, I thrusted one fingering his ass, gaining a scream from him. His eyes clenched shut, and his anus gripped my finger. I wiggled it around a little, hearing a little more painful groans coming from my digimon. Inserting another finger, I began to open the hole, to allow passage for my cock. He screamed again, but not as loud. Squirming underneathe me, he tried to thrust back to get the two fingers deeper into his ass. Getting the third finger in, caused a moan to erupt from Veemon. After some scissor-like movements to loosen the ass, I withdrew my fingers, and I heard a grumble of disappointment come from my partner.

"Are you ready?" I asked, knowing that this will be the only time he will be a little unsure about this.

"Yes, Davish." He replied. I thrusted my cock into his ass, eliciting a screech from my love. I stopped, and asked him if he wanted me to end this. "No, please continue. I want this, Davish."

I nodded, and I pushed further. As I finally hilted him, I stayed there for a while, to let him reacclimate himself to having something inside of him. When he looked at me and nodded, I began to come out of his ass, and thrust back into it.

"No, please continue. I want this, Davish." I told him, when he stopped. With my eyes clenched shut, I tried to relax to help him, but I wanted him to enter me first. After feeling all of my trainer's cock inside of my ass, he stopped. I guess it was so I could get use to having something in my ass, because I started to feel a little better. Being able to open my eyes, I looked at him and nodded.

He began to thrust in and out of me, slowly at first, so that I wouldn't get hurt. The pain that I felt before ebbed, and all I could feel was pleasure. "Oh, Davish. Go faster!" I moaned, as he was thrusting. Obeying me, his pace quickened, and more pleasure was felt. Inside me, my partner's cock was being massaged by my anal walls. Euphoria took me away, as I screamed, "Harder! Please harder!" He could do nother but comply with me, as he pounded my ass. The sound of my ass and his pelvis meeting began to resonate throughout the forest.

As he continued to fuck me, I could feel myself getting close to climaxing. A feeling of pure bliss. Each thrust got me so much closer. I believe he sensed that, as he increased his speed to an extreme rate. It began to look like a blur going into my ass. "Oh, Davish. I think I'm gonna explodeeeeeee..." I screamed as a hightened sense of euphoria over took me. I came on our chests, splashing my seed all the way up to our faces. Smiling, I clenched my ass to keep his cock inside me. Then the feeling that I felt in my dreams came true. A warm liquid exploded deep into my ass, as he continued to thrust into me. Being pushed further into my rectum, I became his, and only his. No other person could have me, and I was glad that this happened. A few more thrusts, and he stopped, letting some of his seed dripple out of my ass, and down his thighs.

Panting, he collapsed backwards onto the ground, still with me attached to him. I smiled, as I began to lick away the cum that was between our chests. It tasted sweet, like all the other times I tasted myself. After I cleaned bother of us up, I got off his cock, and began to lick his, eliciting moans from him, along with another hard on.

"Veemon, you want more?" He asked, dumbfoundedly.

"No, Davish. I want to taste you." I said, giggling.

Taking most of in my mouth, I began to go up and down, sucking at every point. Using my tongue, I licked his piss slit, to get any pre-cum that erupted from it. Propping himself onto his elbows to watch me, Davish enjoyed the little show that I was performing for him. As I raised my speed, he began to buck into my face. I knew he could last long after what we just did, and when I felt he was about to explode, I went to the tip of his cock and just sucked. Load after load of my partner's-- no my lover's seed went into my mouth, and I had to continued to swallow it, so it wouldn't leak out of my mouth. However, my attempts were in vain, as about a fourth of it leaked onto the ground near his ass. After he was done shooting his cum, I stood up to look at him.

~~~~No POV~~~~

Veemon looked at his new lover, Davis. Opening his mouth, he exlaimed, "I love you so much, Davish!"

Davis stared back at his new lover, Veemon, and replied, "I love you so much as well, Veemon."

"So, will we do this often?" Veemon asked.

"Why yes. I think that we will do this often. Just to connect with each other."

With both smiling, Davis leaned foward to pick up Veemon and carry him to the Digiport. Veemon fell asleep in Davis's arms holding his neck. Bringing up his Digivice, Davis yelled, "Digiport Open!"

They returned to the Real World, to enjoy many a times together, in blissful harmony. 

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