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Trunks and Bura

by Animeiac

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Trunks and Bura making a special service announcement.

Trunks and Bura's Top 10 Warning Signs That

Your Parents Might Be Sex Addicts

By Mari (A.K.A Maric, Maricc, Animeiac, and Anime-iac)

Disclaimer: All the DBZ characters are the (c) Akira Toriyama.

A/N: Trunks is 28 and Bura is 16 in this story.

(Starts Black. Light comes in. Enters Trunks and Bura)

Trunks: Hello, I am Trunks.

Bura: And I am Bura.

Trunks: We're here to talk you about one of the most serious family problems in history.

Bura: If your parents are like ours then we feel your pain.

Trunks: And if not, then consider yourselves lucky.

Bura: But if they ever do then we can tell you all the warning signs.

Trunks and Bura: So here are our top 10 warning signs that your parents might be sex addicts.

Trunks: #10. Your refrigerator always seems to running low on whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Bura: #9. Your earthquake surviving skills improve during at nights.

Trunks: #8. When your parents keep shouting "Oh God!" they are not praying.

Bura: #7. When the words you hear from your parents room the most is "Bite Me!" and it's not an insult.

Trunks: #6. You're afraid to go into your parents room.

Bura: #5. You keep running excuses to your teachers about why you keep sleeping during class.

Trunks: #4. You know all the positions by age 5.

Bura: #3. Your parents' house repairs bills get bigger everyday. While your college fund gets smaller.

Trunks: #2. You hardly see your parents in the mornings, noon, and mostly nights.

Bura: And the #1 sign is (drum roll)...

Trunks and Bura: Your parents give you a raise in your allowance just to leave the house for the weekend.

Bura: This of course is exceptional.

Trunks: Well there you have it. All the top ten warning signs.

Bura: If see any of these signals, call for help right away.

Trunks and Bura: Don't let this happen to you.

(Trunks and Bura leave. Fade back to black)

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