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Feeding your addiction

by tainted shadow

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I wrote this thinking about my best friend’s boy friend. He dose a lot a drugs, drinks WAY too much, and is breaking her heart… everyone keeps telling her to dump him, but no luck yet…

A flavor tasteful just for you
Your needs are fed with what you do
Fallowed by a smoky haze
Clouding thoughts to pass the days
I never knew you needed this   
beyond my hopes
you seeded this
a lust for illusions of happiness.
do you realize
what you’ve done?
Killing cells
Just for fun
To release a sorrowed dream inside
To drink away your faded pride  
Just to numb what’s in your eyes   

Your truly taking time away
Ending at the start
Bleeding though a smoke filled lung
To hallow out your heart

Come back to me
I’ll lead you home
So you can finally see
The glass is empty
The parties over
Just forget that hazy dream

You forgot that day
I came to you
Knowing you would fall
Knowing that your fake dreams and hopes
were blown against the wall
I wish you’d change
But I know you wont
I wont forget that day
You will forget
that’s what you do
but I lye still
and pray for you

I laugh with bitter tears today
Knowing I was right
wishing you
would let the smoke clear soon
Before it takes your life

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