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short sexy stories

by sonjamoon

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a collection of short sexy stories between different characters.

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Chapter 1, moonlight lake: goku/chichi


Please note I do not own or associate myself with the creation of Dragonball z.

Moonlight Lake. A Goku and Chichi story.

Stupid washing machine!” Bellowed Chichi as she slammed the door shut. She looked at the mountain of unwashed clothes, which her husband and sons had requested for tomorrow, she then looked out of the window at the dark moonlit sky.

Its that late already!” She said to herself looking at her wristwatch to confirm the time, she moaned aloud.

An idea popped into her head then, about using the nearby lake. No one else lived on the mountain so she would be safe enough, even if there were unwelcome attentions Chichi could hold her own; she wasn’t head of the household for nothing.

Goku? Goten? Gohan? I’m just going out for a while.” She shouted into the empty room. She waited for what seemed like an eternity before she got answers. But she could tell from their voices that they hadn’t even paid any head to her words. Chichi sighed and shut the front door quietly behind her.

Chichi walked silently on bare feet towards the lake, a heavy load of clothes were being carried in her arms.

The lake streaked with silver from the moon and Chichi put the clothes down and gazed with wonder at the beauty. She strolled aimlessly along the shoreline; the water touched her feet still warm from the heat of the day. The night was calm no animal made a noise to disturb the little world which she had fallen into. To Chichi she seemed like the only person in the world.

But Chichi wasn’t alone, Goku, wandering where his wife had gone, had opened the front door in time to see her small figure disappearing into the darkness. And so it was Goku’s figure that stood in the shadows as he watched his wife stroll dreamily along the waters edge.

Unaware of Goku’s intense gaze, with playful, happy movements Chichi laughed as she splashed about in the water. Water lapped over her ankles and Chichi lifted her dress above her knees. A thought crept into her mind, no one could see her for miles around, and she was alone. And so acting upon impulse Chichi pulled the dress over her head tossing it aside on the ground. For a second she poised there, her naked body bathed in the moonlight. Then she loosened the bun at the nape of her neck letting her hair fall disarray over her back.

Goku’s breath was trapped somewhere inside of him, he stared at the loveliness so unexpectedly presented before him. She still had a very good figure, even after having two children. She stood motionless at the edge of the water, the moonlight making her figure ebony and silver, a pagan goddess offering herself. As he thought of this Chichi raised her arms as if paying homage to the moon.

Her hair hung down her slender back in wild disorder, appearing even blacker in the moonlight, the curve of her buttocks a silver arc, the long shapely legs gleamed like ivory. Hungrily Goku stared entranced by the way the light played against her skin. Again his eyes were brought back to the full, tempting thrust of her breast before his gaze slid appreciatively down her slender waist and further down onto her legs before rewinding his gaze over her body again.

Desire choked him, like a man in a daze he heedlessly tossed aside his top in any direction before undoing his trousers in a daze, his only intention was to get to Chichi.

Still thinking she was alone, Chichi slid into the lake, swimming with long strokes as the water deepened. The water felt like silk over her body, cooling her, caressing her. Playfully she turned on her back, kicking up a large amount of water, and it was then that she saw Goku’s figure walk out from the shadows.

The moonlight clearly revealed his state of undress and slowly, unashamedly walked towards her, Chichi was unable to take her eyes away from the sheer masculinity of his body, he moved with all the sleek grace of some forest predator, a forest lord she thought giddily as he neared the waters edge. The blue-black hair glinted with sliver from the moonlight; the broad chest was intensified by the light playing upon his skin. Her gaze slipped to his powerfully muscled legs and wondered if all men were fashioned like her husband. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world. He looked invincible and very formidable as he stood there.

Chichi watched as he dived into the water with a few strong strokes he was in front of her. They regarded each other silently, only their eyes talking to one another. It was then that Chichi spoke to him.

Are you real, or only an image my mind has created?” She said this as she stroked a finger across his lips. Slowly he pulled her shoulders towards him, the weight of her body in the water made it feel like a dream. His lips met hers lightly and he brought his arm down to caress her naked buttocks. Bringing her even closer to him making her intensely aware of the heat and full arousal of his hard body. A crooked smile on his mouth, his teeth white in the darkness he answered.

Yes, I am very real. Real and hungry for you moon witch.” He said before capturing her mouth in a long languorous kiss.

Dreamily Chichi gave herself up to him, her mouth opened ardently under his, her body tingling as she was crushed against his chest. She could feel her nipples harden with pleasure and she could feel the insistent probing of his manhood against her thigh. Chichi’s arms crept around his strong neck, her fingers tangling in his hair, the feel of his steel-muscled body straining against hers made her head rush.

Bracing his feet on the bottom of the lake, his legs apart he brought her thighs between his. When her groin brushed teasingly against his aching organ, he groaned aloud, his lips instantly were brought back to hers with a swift pull of Chichi’s hand on the back of his neck, both their breathing becoming fast and laboured.

Every time their bodies touched, each experienced a shock of raw desire. Chichi could feel his full length probing at her and she gasped with apprehension. He was so strong and powerful and the thought of what he would do with his lean hard body sent her head reeling.

Goku gently lifted her slightly above the water so her breast were offered for him to taste, Chichi’s skin glistened under the moonlight as Goku caught a running droplet over her nipple before he bent his dark head and sucked with urgency over her breast. Her hands caressed his broad shoulders, her head flung back with wild abandonment and the pleasure Goku was causing within her. Her body moved evocatively against his, and Goku groaned softly as her thrashing increased. Her thighs had instinctively found there way around his waist as she gripped hard. His fingers dug into the flesh at her hips as he held her more tightly.

Urgently he forced his hand between them and moved lower down her stomach as he found and began to excite the very centre of her being. Chichi surged up against him as his fingers caressed her shaking and quivering from the force of the maelstrom he was creating. Unable to bear the ecstasy any longer she moaned in his ear, and at that sound Goku couldn’t wait any longer. His hands went to her hips and he guided her towards him. For a moment she was held above him feeling him at her entrance. Then with a fierce jerk he thrust himself up into her. He muffled her moan with another kiss.

Slowly and unhurriedly he thrust his body into hers, giving them both ecstasy. They were both like pagan moon lovers; only those two existed at this time, each showing how much they love one another. Taking her with increasing fervent movements he felt the familiar clenching around his member as he let he moan into the silent night. Knowing that she had been pleasured did he allow himself to give into what he most needed. With a few more hard thrusts he whispered words of love in her ear so only she could hear as he came in her. And when it was over, when both had been fulfilled, they still clung to one another unable to pull away from one another. They stroked each other tenderly. It was only when Chichi stared off into the distance did she groan aloud at the still dirty pile of washing which still and probably would never get done this night, as she felt Goku become hard again as again they shared each other under the moonlight.

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