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About Me

Hi! My name, or at least my usual internet handle, is Arofa Tamahn. I specialize in the digital medium, and my favorite subject are the characters from my story-in-the-making-since-I-was-six, "The fanged The Clawed, and The Corrupt." My internet handle was gotten from the story's main character.

I'm the co-creator, along with Agent Elrond, of the webcomic "The Iron Wizard," which you can read at I hope to post it here as well, jut FYI. TIW (so I call it) is really where most of my energy for artwork goes, so don't be surprised if the work from my own stories don't come so thick and fast.

I take art trades when I can, so if you want to do one with me, just ask, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm actually most active on deviantART (you can get to my dA Account page from the "website" link in my profile), so if you have an account there, feel free to swing by! If you don't have an account there, you should still feel free to swing by.

I real life I wash the dishes when A-E doesn't have the time, write music, and am a bit of a tech wizard.

I'm also Agent Elrond's younger brother.

Oh! By the way, even though I have an AIM name, I don't advise you try to contact me that way, seeing as I'm not on it very often. ^.^;


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