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About Me

My name is Stephen, but pronounced as if it were Steven. Wierd, ain't it. My parents were wierd...

I LOVE to write poetry, especially dark and depressing. Laughing I get warm fuzzies from that...

I also do some sketching, and I'll try to submit some after I can get my darn scanner to work.  Darned skanner! Hopefully everything will go well, eventually.  Just so's you know, I really like to compliment people on their art, poetry, or prose and will try not to offer mean opinions. But when there's that one piece that bugs me, you'll most definately know. Just warning you, don't let those remarks get to you (That's why nobody likes elves). Oh! I also have elvish ears and if you start criticizing them, bad things will happen. What?

Hobbies include sketching, writing sketchily, writing, contemplating death, staring off into space, dreaming up unique ways of killing the idiots in my life, and origami. Wacko


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