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HOLY CRAP i make art. i'm into vidya games and comic books, kinda lingering in the anime fandoms. yes, i doodle homestuck, but not very often, and if i do, it's mostly midnight crew stuff.

Blog: Gallery

Oh my lord, I looked through my gallery for the first time in weeks, to months, I am ashame.

I cleared that ho right out. 

I tend to do that a lot, so if there's stuff missing from it, it's cause I deleted things.

I'm a very harsh critic to my own work, so if I think it's crap, it goes in the bin. 

I don't care if you save my files, just don't steal 'em, and credit back if they're posted on tumblr. Who knows, something you really like might not be there tomorrow, I'm horrible like that.

I need to add to my gallery. I rarely log on anymore because of lack of art to share.

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