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Blog: Jesu Christe -- can the X-Files reboot be any good?

The Internet (and YouTube in particular) is fatal to my writing time.  It's so damn easy to pause for a moment to do a little fact-checking while working on a fic... only to get sucked sideways into a major distraction.  This morning, it's this: X-Files Reboot:  The X-Files Reopened


First... 22 years since the first ep? And 13 years since the last?  Ohmigod, say it ain't so!


I have both a profound joy at the prospect of this creative venture... and a deeply profound horror as well.   Anyone who was an X Phile during the last few years of the series has got to share that mix of hope and horror.  Please, please, please -- Chris Carter, can you promise not to frak it up? 


Peter Jackson's success with the Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I remember first hearing was in production while standing in line with a bunch of other geeks during the FIRST X-Files film), and Ron E. Moore's success with the Battlestar Galactica reboot...  creative ventures which I and everyone I knew had pegged as impossible... leaves me with hope. After all -- I'm an X Phile. I want to believe!  (Plus -- Darin Morgan!  Glen Morgan! James Wong!  :dance Smile


But...  it's Chris Carter. He's the George Lucas of TV-land. He hasn't done anything successfully BUT the original seasons of the X-Files, and he rode the X-Files off a cliff at the end. Hard. So that hope is a weak and flickering thing.


I was clinging to that hope until I read this article on the EW website this morning.


To quote: "What we will report – and stop reading if you don’t want to know anything about the first hour – is that O’Malley eventually sways Mulder and Scully to adopt a new conspiracy that lays a framework for the six-episode revival. The theory involves global warming, war in the Middle East, NSA spying, chem-trails (here called “aerial contaminants”), police militarization, supposed FEMA prison camps, and the eventual military “takeover of America” by a UN-like group of “multinational elites.” The conspiracy theory plays a bit like Oliver Stone during his JFK fever pitch — only if his source material was Infowars instead of UFO lore."


laugh  Oh gawd.  Okay, there was always a healthy dose of New World Order fear in the original X-Files mythology.   But I just cringe to think of Mulder & Scully becoming synonmous with Alex Jones, 9/11 false flaggers, birthers, Jade Helm, 'let's take over a the Malheur Wildlife Refuge!' mouth-breathers. 


Jesu Christe.  Miserere mei.  Just shoot me now, maybe. 


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