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About Me

Hi, name's Sara. I don't consider myself to be much of an artist, but I dabble in drawing some and.. people without much skill of their own tend to call what I do good. I'd like to think I'm improving, if slowly.

I tend to procrastinate on a lot of things, and haven't completed any worthwhile art in a while. I don't write much, and I'm never happy with what I've got if I reread it later.

I'm overall, generally friendly and happy, though I've been told I can seem emotionally distant. Which is kinda amusing considering I feel like I wear my heart on my sleeve at times.

Poetry should be heard as well as read. The only people who can hurt me are those I allow "in" - those I genuinely care for and about, and trust.

Books are love. So is music. Any.

I work at a newspaper and live rurally, I intend to attend college after a year's break after graduating highschool. I pass time reading webcomics and lurking in IRC chats.

And if no one noticed yet, I also ramble when I let myself get going.

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