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you know those people, who seem completely aware of the world?
their surroundings.. who they control, by who they are controlled.. that almost aura of adulthood and control that some people have?
I dont have it.
I have no idea how the world works, or how it's supposed to work. I just dwell around like a chronic stoner with a laptop.
and this is the result. a bunch of weird, creepy, hilariously messed-up stories mostly described as "weird".
which is okay, because at least I understand weirdness. mind you; its a powerful drug.
greets, and remember; reviews make the ego grow.

Blog: Imagine..

Waking up on a wooden table, you look around and all you see is this vague room filled with a slight mist. like a memory that faded over the years, together with the color of the old, thin curtains hanging in front of the many small windows.
A giggle from your side, a woman turns to you; sitting on a table/ bench-like wooden thing just like you. Her big but elegant dress ruffling down, as she looks at you with dark eyes, laughing small and almost secretly behind a pale little hand.
“Oh come on..,, her voice playful- but with a hint of disappointment.
her dress rushes over the floor like the sweeping of dead leaves carried by the cold wind, as she lets herself graciously on the floor- also wood, but a colder one. Darker.
“play your role.,,
a curl of her messy hair around her finger, leaning against her “table” with her big dress, seeming so inconvenient for her small frame.
“play your least, if you remember it.,,
suddenly her eyes are close to yours- this woman moves with a creepy speed. As you look down and her eyes follow your own towards your hands. Your blood-covered hands and the shining, shimmering straight-razor in your right hand; reflecting the small amount of light like a long-stretched smile of sharp teeth. Ready to attack and NEVER, never satisfied.

If you have dreams like this, you should probably stop watching Sweeney Todd every few weeks, right?

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