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About Me

★                                                               ☆                                                               ★
Hi guys, Tammy here. I am new to PaperDemon and yet to release any Art mostly because I'm a chicken but also because I have so many ideas it's a little hard for me to stay focused on just one of them. I am an aspiring Writer, Journalist, Philosopher, and Future Adventurer.  Hopefully with hard work and a little wishful thinking I might just be able to pull through with a book worthy of all you humans, sub-humans, and non-humans out there. I also just created a new account on Wattpad so feel free, if you have time too, to pop over to Wattpad, look me up at Drawing_With_Ink (I'm the one with the the pikachu pic) and press the little ol' button that says 'Follow'. I'd appreciate the support and perhaps it would even help my confidence that little bit extra that may just give me the courage to release my first book, which I will be releasing soon called 'Ghost ' which is a fantasy I have been working on for a while based in Japan about an American girl named Ashlynn. 
Thanks Guys! Kiss kiss, wink Wink wink, see y'all soon. Sincerely your secret admirer 
- Tammy   yes

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