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Hi Everyone....! [emoticon]
I'd like to tell you that I'm holding a contest in DA with a theme of Forbidden Love. There are many prizes such as DA subscriptions, prints, icons, stamps, photo stocks, etc... including some features on some popular artists/ Gallery Directors' journals in DeviantArt for the total of 8 winners. Yaoi and fanarts are welcomed but it should be a new work.

The deadline is still July 20th. So far I already have almost 200 entries. Please read more info on my contest news here:]

Plz help me spread the words to others since I've just returned here and really...  no one knows me yet... hehehe thx you!! [emoticon]


Heart Commission price list:

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Smile To see more of my various paintings, pixels arts, handycrafts, photographies, poems, plz visit my DeviantArt primary account:

Bounce To read my lol Black souls Comic strips, plz check my DeviantArt Secondary account:

Embarrassed To browse my most favorite boys arts and some adult yaoi arts, plz do go here:

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