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About Me

My name - is Ryan... and I, am a crystal. o_O (I'm also very friendly and love to talk, so drop me a line!)


Transformers Contagion
20. Canada, Sink! = 1%
Individual Results May Vary = 45%
Mending The Hero = 1%
Sky-Dance = 1%
Burden of the Matrix = 1%
Property = 10%

You can find me all over the internets!

<a href="">Here</a> on Y!Gallery.
  Here on DeviantArt. I check there almost as frequently as I check Y!.
  Here on LiveJournal, which I also frequent often.
  Here on MySpace, which I am rarely ever on, however you can see pictures of me and Loki from our AMA trip on my Myspace account. Yipes.

  Here on DeviantArt.
Here on Y!

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