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About Me

Hello.... I'm Inoue-Shouko. I'm your typical wallflower, so I won't launch into a huge tirade of self-glorification... ...but I will tell you this:
  • I am a writer, first and foremost.
  • My artwork is a side thing. Doesn't mean anything, really. You love it, cool. You hate it, fine by me.
  • I deal with a difficult, demon possessed scanner- as well as with my computer, who I believe may be inhabited by Lucifer. Therefore, my pics have stupid grey stripes, and my computer's word processor freezes.
  • I play around with sculpting, sewing, and photography.
  • I grow flowers, and many of them are used as inspiration for my stories and pictures
  • I am a stickler for spelling and grammar. And yes, I do know about the error in Ch1 of Velvet Acid revolver!
Er... that's about it....

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