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I haven't been active around here for a long time... I'm still bisexual, though. No need to worry about that!


 Alais: Youjo

Age group: Late 20's

I'm currently a domestic traveler in the USA. I'm probably going to be doing this for a long time.

I have my travel site, if you want to follow my adventures!

I still draw and NOW I write. I don't put my art stuff only so much these days. I don't know if I'll be adding any of my writing here.

I have myself very spread out online, so I say all I have to say on other platforms. There's nothing to explain about myself in the interest of this site.


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Blog: Back home (for almost a month)!


It all happened so fast! I left home Jan 17rh and I came back Mar 17th. It's still snowing, in April!

Quick recap:

St. Louis was cool. My host was a cisgender jerk, and I had to stay with priligived white cis men, but I was in the quee'hood next to a lot of stuff to do! And, a friend was out there, so we hung out! When I was hunrgy, i reached out to the punk community, and they hooked me up.

TN mostly sucked! The person I stayed with in Memphis was on bad terms with the person they were staying with, and I got stradand, and had to ask from people to help me! 2 people bought my hostel room, but I had to lie to the people to be able to stay 2 nights, so I probably can't go back there. Someone I met towards the end was very helpful in hooking me up ith food, so I'm thankful for that. The person I stayed with in Nashville was cool on one had, but had some mismanaged priorities. I should've left as soon as I was uncomfortable, but I made it worse. We decided not to leave reviews for each other. Someone jerked off in front on me the morning after I slept on the brige, but I told him to go away. The person I stayed with in Cedar Hills... had their share of issues (but who doesn't?), but we were cool and we talked about a lot of serious stuff! They tough me how to paint, and gave me $40 for the job. I passed over Chattonooga, but I'm willing to visit later, for a certain event.

Atlanta was better than I thought it would be. I had to stay in a shelter for most of it, but that was fine because I wasn't there long. The shelter was in has a lot of issues... like mold in the bathrooms. The clinets are always going to be the clinets, and I don't have to care about that area. I was near a dope donut place called Sublime Donuts! 10/10! And, the host I stayed with was very nice!

Athens was great! It's beautiful! It's small! I loved it, for what it is. Their where my spirit parents met and got married, so I was going to have a positive outlook on it, no matter what! I stayed in a nice, clean shelter with mostly clam clinets. They rules were really strict, but I came to appreciate that. I came across a homebum that posed as a traveler, which is why I started hanging out with him. He turned out to be an angry drunkard, and I cut him off. He showed me a great place to fly signs before he got arrested, and I took the spot and made some good lunch money!

Savannah was beautfil, but disappointingly small. I saw it all in one day, but I stayed with someone cool. Also, very strict, but it was only one night.

I found a host on my second round in Athens. Not only was that person cool, but we had stuff in common, including anime! I watched Crunchyroll until I hooped on the roadtrip with that person and some other up to Richmond, VA while they were on their way to D.C.

Richmond sucked. My first host was an argo-bro that had to shut down a few times. In a "not ever that drunk" stupire he got all defensive about Loius C.K's sexual assault allegations. White men defending each other from accountable, as usual. My second host was boring. Not gonna bother going back to Richmond, ever.

Pittsburgh as great! I stayed with a kind artist, and had a heated bed! We shared food and tea! And, I met someone thats a friend of a friend, that paid for my ticket back to Mpls!


Within my first week, I got my taxes done, got a bike, got my tax refund, and in 2 weeks I had a job and started volunteering! I had to quit the job, because large white men feel like they can tell short black person what to do with their safety. I was hoping to only have 1 job this year, to make my taxes easier, but white male privilige wasn't gonna have that! I'm glad I quit, but I hope to have a job soon. After I quit, I slept so much from being drained by white nonsense.

I'm enjoying not having to go out in this winter weather that's still going on, though! I just get broad. I still have my volunteer place so I don't get too bored. I'm in the basement, so I don't have to worry about rent until June, when my new sublet ends.

I'm going to start hanging out with a cyclist group, soon, and learn how to work on bikes! Hopefully, I'll be able to become a body mod artist, or work at a theater!

I'm going to start working out, so I can be a drag model! I'm going to make an effort to hang out at the beach, this year!

That's all for now!




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