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Hello~ I'm a dragon artist, and I've been on PaperDemon for a month or two now. Most of what I'll be doing for maybe another month or so is putting up old art that I have up on some other sites so my gallery will be more filled out. I'm fine being called Masked or Lin, whichever takes your fancy, and feel free to message me and say hi! Currently, I am accepting art trades and commisions, but I may say no if I don't want to, don't take it personally. Most of what I do, as I said, is dragons, but I do other stuff occasionally.

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Blog: Art Policy

I figured I may as well put this up now and get it out of the way on here, since I have something similar on other art sites. This is where I'll be putting my art policies, which include stuff like collabs and trades. I'll put up a similar one for commisions later, since I feel like I'll probably have a lot to put in that one that won't necessarily apply here.

Art Trades---

I'm open for trades, but I retain the right to choose if I want to with an individual or not, obviously. If you draw dragons and I like your style, then I'll probably be happy to. Feel free to ask. If we do decide to trade, my policy is that whoever asked for it does their half first. It's a precaution against people asking for a trade and then running off with my half without doing theirs, which hasn't happened to me yet, and which I don't intend to. So if you ask to trade, then you put up your half first, and vise versa.


I haven't done many collabs before, but I've enjoyed them so far, so I'm open for them. Like with trades, I may turn you down based off of if I want to or not, but feel free to ask. If we decide to collab, we can message each other about the details.


* Just a disclaimer, the majority of this section is aimed towards people who would bother me for requests, not the general person, who tends to be nice, so the wording's a bit strong. * I don't do requests. If I've known you for a while and we're buddies, I might do a request for you, but that's a maybe. I don't do free art for just anybody, because I put a lot of effort and time into my pieces. On average, one piece takes me a collective eight+ hours. Think of minimum wage, which is currently around nine dollars? 8 multiplied by 9 is $72 dollars. Why would I be fine with giving up a small chunk of my life, roughly equivolent to 3/4 of a benjamin, for a random person who doesn't care about me  who just wants to use my skills, who will then probably leave and never think of me again? So I don't do requests.

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