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Greetings Citizens! 

I am Cierra Lexington. I hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I write mostly science fiction and fantasy genres. I’m a huge nerd and proud of it. Here you’ll find some of my newest stuff as well as some of my older works. If there’s a story you REALLY like and you want me to keep working on it, the best way to get me to do that is to COMMENT. Even if all you say is, “Yeah! I love this.” Comments help me stay passionate about my stories. 

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Blog: Promotion at work! (these are good right?)

Well! "May your life be interesting" is a potent curse. My life has been VERY interesting. I have recently accepted a promotion at my work from cashier to 3rd key manager (WOOT!). It comes with an extra $1/hour and an extra 10 hours/week. Which means I am working over 30 hours a week on top of 13hrs of classes. I have NO free time. :/ If I'm not at work or in class I'm desperately trying to catch up on my homework. I'm excited about my new promotion, but it would be nice to have some more free time. Luckily this semester ends the first week of August so I don't have much longer to wait before I get a break.

Good News: My awesome boyfriend bought me a promise ring for our 3 year anniversary!! >^.^< It's BEAUTIFUL! It's a gorgeous sapphire with a diamond on each side on a white gold/titanium/platinum band that is *supposed* to never tarnish. He picked it out himself AND it matches the earrings he bought me last Christmas. He done good! ^.^

On a different note: So I've been thinking about how much I would LOVE to be writing again. I'm thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is check out this website: My only problem is that November is usually REALLY busy for me because of school and finals. So I've been thinking of having my own NaNoWriMo event this August in the break between my Summer and Fall semesters. It seems like it will be fun, though the question is, do I work on my Lioness storyline or do I try to write out one of my other ideas? I've had 724 hits on Lioness (up 19 from June 1) but still no comments or messages encouraging me or anything like that :/ It's going to be a difficult decision, what would ya'll have me do?


Nothin' much else to report. Ya'll have fun!


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