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Hello to all.

I dabble in just about all forms of art, traditional, crafts, *computer, writing, sewing and costuming, etc. So, it is quite probable to expect anything from me. 

*Note: any art done on the computer it done by using paint programs only, (EX: MS Paint, Sketch n' Paint, etc); all done by mouse only; no exceptions.

Have any questions for me? Feel free to ask. :-)

All of my original character/creature creations belong to me. No one has the right to draw and or use them without my consent. 

© ™ Morpher 



Also, I'll only be uploading a few select pieces of my old art work on here that I personally like. And from then on it will all be most recent stuff. If you wish to see all my other work check out my main art gallery over on Fanart Central.


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