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About Me

Overall, I'm a multi-type artist, but I focus more on doing traditionally drawn, anime style influenced, cute art.  I prefer drawing females more than anything and do light yuri and shoujo-ai art.  I love writing and creating things through my art.  My biggest influences in my art tend to be my emotions and my music.  Art is a big part of me and I try my best to make sure my art are very much my own, even with the anime influenced look.  In other words, I'm not a fan of referenced art. 

Aside from writing and drawing, I also am an avid reader and a gamer.  My favorite genres are anything stylish and has character development.  I'm a sap for reading stories about love and how characters grow.  I love playing almost any type of RPG, but I also have a fondness of anything unique, like Parapa the Rapper, Bust a Groove, Harvest Moon, and Phoenix Wright.

I try hard to put my soul into what I do, so I hope you enjoy what I create. ^_^

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