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About Me

Dex is...
a Creator,
an INFJ Púca,
an Ageless Dreamer,
a Genderfluid Eccentric,
a Pagan Wanderer,
and an Eclectic Goth.

@};~ Pleased to make your acquaintance. ~;{@


Aside from the handles below, you can also find me at:

FurAffinity | Weasyl | Furry Network | SoFurry | Wysp | deviantART | Instagram


As an artist's request...

Please do not trace, copy, color, alter, re-post or otherwise redistribute
my artwork without
my written permission to do so, as in turning a piece of art
you purchased or received from me into an icon and crediting me!

Please do not draw any of my (or my mate's) characters without my permission as well.

I would really appreciate the respect.
Thanks for your support!


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