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Meileah June Te Kare was born at the end of a month into whether that was cold just as she prefers. She is the youngest child of an even number of children and she likes to speak in third person when describing herself and finds it to rather comical. She is a major tomboy at heart and an expert in romance when it comes to her stories and characters, but rather dense when it comes to romance in her personal life.

She enjoys working with animals and having nifty little conversations with herself in which she convinces herself into doing some rather radical and outlandish things such as cliff jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and zorbing. (an activity which involves a large hill side, a massive air filled dome, water and a bathing suit.) All activities of which she loves.

Meileah prefers to be outdoors exploring the mountains in which she lives and camping and swimming and sleeping. While indoors she tends to be up to no good and makes massive messes in the kitchen when cooking, which she is quite exceptionally good at. She believes strongly that cooking is creative writing (which she loves) and that baking is like mathematics, which she is not so brilliant in.

Meileah has a large scar on her left foot from being run over by a bus when she was 6 and has many a tale of her adventures in the traitorous life of childhood. It was there that she met a wolf friend in her child’s imagination that she named Winter Twilight. And it was with that imaginary meeting that much of her inspiration was born.

She has an infinity for canines, wolves in particular which she is captivated by. Many times she has said “I’d be more than happy to abandon this trivial life of humanity and live in the wilds among those majestic creatures (wolves) and share in their loyalty and friendship.”

Traveling since she was 5 Meileah finds living a nomadic life to be quite comfortable. Exploring new lands and meeting new faces is something she looks forward to like a kid is to candy, or in Meileah case, Mac’n’Cheese. (which happens to be a vital life source!)

Lastly Meileah would like to make it known that her display picture is a photo of herself, though you don't see her face Smile

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