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Not much to say here, I'm just a lonely art dweeb in a small bible-belt town. I get sooo bored. However, I'm picking up hobbies to keep myself busy and one is being a JrMod for paperdemon. I'm on a lot and pretty patient so if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. Also, in case any crazy person actually wants a comission from me, I do art trades since I don't have paypal. Just contact me via my paperdemon g-mail or private message me. And if anyone ever wants to talk, I'm here for that too. My personal mission as a JrMod is to make sure that everyone feels included, not left out or alone. I felt that way on deviantart, and I don't want anyone else feeling the same here.

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Blog: holy shit I'm back!

welp, i'm back. I had like 800 messages too. holy cahones batman!

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