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About Me

I'm a 20-year-old artist who loves to draw cartoons, write stories, and doodle a lot.  I'm always stressed out about something, but at the same time, I'm pretty laid back and friendly around people on the internet (irl, I'm a lot more shy most of the time).  I love to post rants, listen to music, watch TV shows, hermit in my room on the computer, procrastinate, listen to the same songs/videos over and over because I suck at finding new stuff I like, and making furriends. x3

I have my own webcomic on ComicFury: Justice Roulette!

ART programs I use: Easy PaintTool SAI, Photohop 7.0
WRITING programs: Libre Office Writer


...webcomics are Homestuck, Wasted Away, and I'm gonna update this soon ffff.
...animes are A Certain Magical Railgun and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
...cartoon is Steven Universe and Rick & Morty.
...other TV shows are Stranger Things, Doctor Who, The Outer Limits, Criminal Minds, and Bones.
...movies are Deadpool, Zootopia, Megamind, Tremors, Rango, Cats Don't Dance, The Iron Giant, Treasure Planet, and Tarzan.
...YouTubers are Markiplier, I Hate Everything, Channel Awesome, TheMysteriousMrEnter, and The Amazing Atheist.
...bands/singers are Steam Powered Giraffe, Owl City, The Birthday Massacre, Marina and the Diamonds, and Florence + the Machine.  I also love many YouTube music makers. <3 are Overwatch, Fallout: New Vegas, Portal 1 & 2, Super Mario 64 DS, Minecraft, Pokemon Black/White, Terraria, and World of Goo.
...artists are Bonka-chan, squonkhunter, Kate-FoX (all from deviantART because that's my home xD), coulsart, and blooniverse (those two from Tumblr).

I've been "living" on dA for about 5 years now, longer if you count older accounts.  I heard about this site from my awesome friend, flammingcorn, and decided to join because it sounded like a great opportunity to get better known with my art. =D I look forward to meeting many awesome artists from the community of PaperDemon. x3

Latest Art Submissions


Hey guys, I'm in kind of a desperate financial situation, so I'm opening up commissions, and believe me when I say I will get them done asap. And again: $10 is better than nothing right now! So please feel free to ask me if you can get something for less than my approx. prices. I'm using the Cash Clock to figure out what it's worth based on $10/hr.
I'll do avatars, references, illustrations, etc. NSFW is allowed, and I have trouble figuring out what kinks I will and won't draw since I'll rp almost anything, but drawing that stuff is way harder. So just ask. ^^
ALSO, my Terms of Service is out of date as of posting this! Don't worry about it for now.
The image version + EXAMPLES:
SKETCH: Approx. $5
LINE ART: Approx. $25 (this is because lining takes much more concentration and time than sketching)
FLAT COLORS: Approx. $31
+Half the full price per extra character.
+However long it takes for a detailed background.
Example: $54 commish w/ 2 chars = 54/2+54 = $81
Calculated using Cash Clock.

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