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Ever wondered what Phantasies is like while not on the Job, in an Alternative Universe, or even in Dhiar's own imagination? Based on the popular webcomic by the talented Hushicho, this page is a wholesome storybook that the kids will love and the adults will fap on.

Incubus Tales: Dhiarling Stories focus on certain side stories of the characters and the just sheer randomness of it all, that creates a very happy and adorable (also satirical) plot, like its Webcomic origin.

Yes, this is so much a sweetenly random story, deal with it.

Also, it's PG-13. DEAL WITH IT.


Dhiar: He is the star of Incubus Tales and as that more than adorable incubus, he does not really hurt people.  Instead, his cheerful aura actually makes many men (and probably women) like him. Really. Like the webcomic, he takes a huge liking to men and fanboys about them consistently. Having a bit of a childish side, he is video game fan, a chef, an erotic novel writer, a gardener, and avid plushie collector (in his words, affectionate caretaker).

Chana: Dhiar's Seer/Sucubus/Fashionista sister, she sets their shop on the ever-living 20's. She loves everything oldschool and nostalgic. Usually, if she forgets something, she has a giant book called, "The Sucubus' Guide to the 1920's", which is her diary. Just, never move the shop to another time, no one wants to see her angry side.

Woofie: The lovable werewolf, Joshua (or Woofie as everyone calls him) is Dhiar's (literal)pet/assistant. He likes being a dog a lot and loves to be petted, cuddled, and doggy styled. Luckily, he can be a wolf at least once a month, and he does love all the affection. He also loves Milk (COW Milk) and sizzling zuchinni (Mostly from Dhiar's cooking)

Dee: Dhiar's Vampiric Ex-Boyfriend (much to Dee's hatred for the title), he resides in Phantasies for his vacation, from doing really vampiric things. He loves to read a lot of big books, yet hates the sun (because he gets easily sunburned.) and garlic (who would really like bad breath?) Dee and Dhiar are in strong friendly terms, sometimes giving each other a hug or two.

Lanimaz: A Gen-- Sorry, Djinn from a faraway land, he currently is in Dhiar's dimension to learn about normal life. He doesn't really beleive in the whole Three Wishes idea, so he just use his powers for everyday life. Also, he is hunky enough to be an underwear model.

P-Chan!: Magical Faerie of all Cosmos... Uses his all-awesome sexy beam for love, Justice and PANTS. Cupcakes are welcome too. :3

I - Intro (On the works)

II - Dhiar and the Magic Adventures of Dhiar
III - Dee, the Vampiric Ex-Boyfriend

IV: I Dream of Ge- Lanimaz

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