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About Me

Commission prices vary by what you want drawn.


I do best if you give me a character I KNOW.

Naruto Characters

InuYasha Characters

Kuroshitsuji Characters

YuYu Hakusho Characters

all these are the ones I probably know best.


I do do cross overs. Often.


prices will be discussed by what you can afford and what I WILL do for what price for you specifically. If you're friendlier than normal, prices can go down. Rudeness or being very...unfriendly will cause prices to rise.


Textured art will cost extra.


Print will cost extra depending on where I get it printed and where i'm mailing said art TO. Yes, you have to give an address and at least a pen name.


I do not do commissions without being paid first.


Bribery with anime, manga, and or other things can get you art.

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