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Hiyas! Believe it or not, I originally started going to college to become a math major. However, I grew bored with that very quickly and changed majors suddenly to media arts and animation. I managed to stick with it and graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and earned myself a Bachelor of Science. 

And what did I do with that? I got a job with a cell phone company answering phones. I do art on the side, but nothing major. Now I'm going to school to become a massage therapist and get out of the call center area.

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Blog: Odd dreams


I realized I never bothered to do any sort of blogging on here, so why not start with the weird dream I had?

The setting, some sort of camp or resort type place. There were cabins, some rather large, awesome pools, a convention hall, and a cafeteria. I was rooming with a few friends and we were waiting on my ex to arrive (odd here, considering I'm not on speaking terms with Kassil...). In fact, I remember him berating me a bit in the dream, but said that he needed to be there regardless. The cabin we were in was really nice -- very large bathroom, three bedroom, a den, and a kitchen.

I was there for some sort of gathering. What I noticed the most was that everyone there had some sort of magical ability, so I guess it was a magic gathering (not to be confused with the card game :p ). We were just about to start our opening ceremonies when another group showed up because no other place would take them. That group? Westboro Baptist Church

Our festivities were rather rudely interrupted -- I think we were celebrating Beltane. Somehow they tried to humiliate someone and myself. I retaliated by going all Carrie on them (sans the pig blood).

After the remaining people ran away I went swimming. Much fun was had.

o.o; Does this make me a bad person?

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