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Thankyou for taking a moment to stop by, my name is Stephanie (online alias Syryn!) and ever since I could hold a pencil it’s been a dream of mine to take up drawing. I tried to ignore it growing up, trying to think of more ‘sensible’ jobs and putting it down to just drawing but a time came when I could ignore it no longer and made my way to University, a few years later I graduated, proudly so, with my BA Hons in Animation and Illustration.

I have a lot of inspirations ranging from music, artists old and new alike and even more so by Japanese culture, one of my biggest inspirations is Final Fantasy. I love to game and drink tea!
I have a lot of projects planned as well as doing commissions, the first and most loved project being ‘The Art Of Shadows’ but there are many more in the planning too, so stick around there will be plenty to see.

I love to make new friends and talk to new people from any background so if you want to get in touch feel free to drop me a message, I’ll be sure to get back in touch!


Other places to find me: 
Twitter -!/Artofshadows
   Blog Spot -
Deviantart -

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Blog: Why hello there!

Hello All!

How are you doing? I've recently got back from a fantastic time at the Rosadoll Con ( :iconrosadoll: It will be running next year and seriously my BJD friends, make time for it, it really was a fantastic Con, never a dull moment, but save your pennies because the bring and buy is an awesome way to grab some very much needed BJD things without the cost of shipping and customs!

Art wise things are on the move, I hope, though I'm very much having a 'I need to sort my life out' moment xD I suppose that can't be helped, I do have a lot of personal things going on but for once I wont bore you with them!
I would however, like a chance to tell you all, I now have a website,blog spot and twitter and would love it if you could go along book mark or add me. I'm thinking of a Tumblr, I'm just not so sure on it at the moment heh! The advantage of checking out my website is that you get sneak previews at THE ART OF SHADOWS and their shiny finished version as well as some unique artwork I might not show on here!

You can find me at my own website;

You can find me on Twitter!/Artofshadows

You can find me on Blogspot

Also, please don't forget, I am available for commission both in terms of art and for face ups on BJDs as well as having some prints for sale!
You can see all about them here:

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