The Story Of Darren The Dragon


One of a series of humourous poems I did for children.


by Piglet

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The Story Of Darren The Dragon

Darren the dragon was kicked out of the pack
Because he thought cooking folk wasn't right
The other dragons said he couldn't come back
Not until he had roasted a knight

But Darren was a kind-hearted beast
He didn't want knights to get baked
Or even slightly singed in the least
And he thought the whole thing could be faked

So Darren flew into the village one day
And got him a knight's suit of armour
He packed it real tight with great wads of hay
Which he got from a neighbourhood farmer

He hung the armour to the ground from a tree
With a wire as thin as a hair
So that when all the dragons came round to see
It'd look like a real knight stood there

He called all the dragons and spurted some fire
But his flames weren't aimed very well
Because all that he did was melt the thin wire
And the armour just wobbled and fell

The elder dragon went for a closer look
And called out to young Darren, "I say!
I don't believe you're a very good cook,
You've just turned this poor man into hay!"

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