I was ded once..


I've seen Pirates 3 two times now, and this is what happens after Loki and I get talking about yaoi pirates. ;) This and Teague + Barbosa, mmmm.. No real spoilers, um... I suppose... Unless you count Maccus...


by FromHakaryou

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Ragetti found, as he sat on the railing of the ship, idly swinging his legs back and forth, that his company on this particular evening was far more pleasant than usual. He had yet to be berated for sounding stupid or saying things one aught naught to say, nor had said new companion commented once on the creepiness of his new, 'x' marked eye.

He tilted his head to look at the tall, muscular black man beside him, standing with his arms folded over a massive chest as they both pretended not to be interested in the slapping match which had started between Barbosa and Jack just a few feet away from Jack's dingy and the Black Pearl.

"I was ded once." Ragetti said after a pause, feet on the ground now as he steadied the railing. He paused and looked up thoughtfully. "Well, actually, it was more like bein'... half dead." He shrugged. "Unded."

There was a pause and the duo regarded each other. Ragetti found his companion's face hard to read - and Maccus couldn't read people's expressions to save his life anyway.

"I used to be a fish." He grumbled in a deep voice, also shrugging.

"You know, now dat you mention it.." Ragetti continued, blinking and watching as the Captain duo toppled into the water. "It jus' doesn't seem plausible, does it?"

Maccus shrugged but said nothing. Ragetti looked at him for a moment, then grinned - content to listen to the screaming and splashing just below the dock.

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