he's out there...


This is a short poem I wrote during some free time at school. It deals with the heartbreak but also with the hope of finally finding a man who I will spend the rest of my life with. It doesn't matter where he's from or who he is. I'm not very good with poems, but here it is.


by hana_chan08

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He's out there
Be it half a world apart
Or in a land covered in flowers
Or a land sheltered with sand or snow
In lands where peace is an alien word
In lands where war is an unknown term
He's out there

In the biggest cities
On the highest floor
Or the smallest countries
Sleeping away in a haystack
In the jungle of the Amazon
Or the plains of Africa
He's out there

On a stage in New York
Rocking and singing his heart away
Or mimicking the masters of oil and pastel
Saving the life of an injured man
Or saving the life of an injured dog
Drinking and chatting with the bigwigs
He's out there

He's a hard worker
Or a clown when I'm down
A friend
On which I can depend
A lover who will never forsake me
And who will hold me
And say, "I love you"
He's a man who will understand
I know he's out there.

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