The Journal of Knil


These are journal entries from a character in one of my greater stories. It is the beginning of his trials.


by ShadowKnil

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Prelude: Entries #1-#5

Chapter 1

Entry #1- Harvest Season, Day 1, Year 10,000.

The goblins have been attacking my city of Dravencale more and more every day. They must be after something because the won't stop, no matter how many of them are dead. Our scouts have reported a major movement of the local pack of wolves. They have moved away from their dens going far away from this land. Maybe something is going to happen that the townsfolk and I don't know about. I, Knil the mayor of this city, have no other choice but to tell the townsfolk to move away from their homeland. They must be protected and the goblin raids won't help them survive the long harsh Cloudy Season. If I don't get these people to safety by then, all of their lives will be in jeopardy. I'll send word to the nearby city of Ravendale tomorrow, but I will wait till I get word back from them to tell my townsfolk. I know that this might be a bad decision, but I want my townsfolk to keep calm. The last thing I need is chaos and pandemonium, like what happened nearly 5,000 years ago in Hyrule. When all that chaos happened, the Great Kingdom of Hyrule collapsed on itself. That is NOT what I want for my town.

[DIV]Entry #2- Harvest Season, Day 4, Year 10,000.

I have sent word to Ravendale about my situation. I have also told them that I need to evacuate my city. They returned word to me as fast as they got it. I recieved the messege yesterday, they told me that it would be foolish to evacuate my city for no reason except a bad feeling. I believe they are the ones being foolish to not head the word of warning that the animals are giving us. The past few days, more and more animals began leaving their homes to go far west. That is where I am going to lead my people before the Cloudy Season begins, I just hope that it won't be too late when we leave this place.
[DIV]Entry #3- Harvest Season, Day 12, Year 10,000

My fellow townsfolk now know about the fear that I have. I have made the local clerics and sorcerers research their records for anything even related to these occurences. Word has gotten to me that the Seaport Kingdoms, Draken and Stormgald, have been destroyed by the goblin raids. Here, the goblin raids have gotten much worse, they have started taking the dead of our townsfolk with them along with their own fallen. I have also told my villiagers that we are leaving town in two months. They have all agreed on my proposal of safety. My townspeople understand that what we are going through might be dangerous and foolish, but they still want to go through with my plan. I just hope I am not acting foolish or stupid and drive my people into their own graves.
[DIV]Entry #4- Harvest Season, Day 20, Year 10,000.

The nearby Kingdoms are all being destroyed by the goblins, they have started burning down buildings and using magic against us. They have started to raise the dead and heal themselves, so it has gotten to be harder to kill even one goblin without dieing yourself. Our clerics and mages have found that this has happened only once before, in the Kingdom of Hyrule. When it happened there, only one mayor of one of the Kingdoms was smart enough to head the warnings of the animals and mages. He saved his own Kingdom by moving and making another one called Dravencale, my own kingdom. So I was right to worry about the recent events happening all around the country. In one month I am leading my citizens out of this foreboding town and bringing them to safety somewhere west. I know that it must be safe in the West because the goblin raids have been only happening East of my town and the animals continue going West towards the woods. I hope that the Wood Kingdom would allow us to reside there for cover until the devestation passes.
[DIV]Entry #5- Harvest Season, Day 32, Year 10,000.

I have decided that tomorrow my people will leave Dravencale. The recent events have led me to believe that we should leave sooner than expected. More and more reports are coming from the surrounding Kingdoms about them being destroyed. The numbers of the deathskeep rising, but so does the number of the goblin attackers. The Kingdoms of Air, Water, and Ether have fully been destroyed. The Water Kingdom was the first to go having the Lakeside, Oceanside, and Seaport Kingdoms become extinct. Then came the Air Kingdom in the mountains with its Tunnel, Mountain, Sky, Night, and Day Kingdoms. They were destroyed leaving it to crumble under the red sky itself. Finally, the Ether Kingdom was destroyed along with its Kingdoms of Spirit, Shadows, Light, and Darkness. When word came from all of this destruction I made the decision to leave tomorrow. If we don't, then my people of the Grasslands Kingdom along with the other Earth Kingdoms will be another notch in the count of deaths from the goblins.

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