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Monster Candy

by NegativeZero

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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Do you feel that tingle in your back, / You better run cuz boogies back,...

Do you feel that tingle in your back,
You better run cuz boogies back,
Halloween creatures of every size,
Have come to haunt the darkened sky,
Witches, monsters, something icky,
The roads are paved with something sticky,
Some dont like to trick or treat,
But rather see the undead beneath their feet,
Ghouls and ghost in graves galore,
You wont see them haunting stores,
Dressed in costumes hide and seek,
Kids think Halloween is just for treats,
But some knoe better and stay home,
But never stay at home alone,
Cuz you dont want to be the only one to knoe,
That something dark lurks outside your home,
So be cautious and be weary,
Every Halloween theres something scary,
Dont piss off a white girl or it might be Carey,
But with a face like yours you're twice as scary.

© 2003 TimZ

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