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X Marks "The Spot!"

by Piglet

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This is one of a series of humourous poems I did for children.

X Marks “The Spot!”

This is the tale of Frederick Frapp
Who came across an ancient map
It was in his basement, tucked away
Just how it got there, I couldn't say

It was drawn upon a piece of bark
And showed a picture of the local park
Its edges were frayed, the ink was old
What Fred thought was meant to be grass, was mould

On the map, where now there's a parking lot
A giant black X marked "The Spot!"
Ancient words on the old map spoke:
"West twenty paces from the blackened oak."

Fred, highly excited, waited 'til dark
Then took his treasure map down to the park
He looked around until he could see
An old charcoaled, lightning-struck tree

From the blackened oak he counted each pace
And found "The Spot!" parked in the X-marked space
Onto Frederick's face jumped "The Spot!"
And then it had children, in fact quite a lot

Now I'm afraid Frederick Frapp has gone quite dotty
You've never seen anyone else quite so spotty
So if you ever should find an old treasure map
First spare a thought for poor Frederick Frapp

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