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Kirsty The Giant

by Piglet

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Another one for the kids. A very different twist on the Jack and Jill fable.

Kirsty The Giant

Jackie and Jill Went up the hill
To get water from the well
But the ground was very slippy there
And into the well they fell

After falling for quite a while
They landed in the water
But Jill had never learnt to swim
So Jackie quickly taught her

They shouted out for somebody
To throw them down some rope
They shouted 'til their throats were sore
And began to give up hope

Then suddenly, amazingly
Before the two girls drowned
All the water drained away
Until they stood on solid ground

"I needed that!” a deep voice growled
"I've never been so thirsty!"
Then out of the shadows a giant stomped
And said "Hello, I'm Kirsty."

Kirsty stood about forty feet tall
Her head was a faraway blur
She could’ve been mistaken for Queen Kong
If she only had the fur

“How did you get down here?” she asked
“We fell in!” said Jackie and Jill
So Kirsty gently lifted them up
And placed them both back on the hill

Then Jackie and Jill ran all the way home
But our story doesn’t end there
Their troubles really started when
They got home with a bucket of air

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