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Jupiter Zoo

by Piglet

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This is the title poem of my humourous poetry book for children.

Jupiter Zoo

If you're ever bored and have nothing to do
And if you can afford the fare
Then hop on a spaceship to Jupiter Zoo
There are lots of weird animals there

Jupiter Zoo features all manner of creatures
From all remote corners of space
All species diverse from our great universe
Space oddities from every place

There's a thing called a kwaylee, which is long, thin and scaly
It lives on the mountains of Mars
It has hundreds of teeth, on top and beneath
So don't get too close to the bars

The large lunar loon, which comes from the moon
Resembles no known earthly bird
It has green dangly things under its wings
And the shape of its beak is absurd

From Pluto's South Pole there's a blubbery mole
Which can burrow down under the ice
And from Mercury's rills there are hamsters with gills
And a school of aquatic mice

From the hot plains of Venus there are pygmy hyenas
With eyes on the tips of their ears
And from Saturn you'll see a green chimpanzee
Which can live up to three hundred years

From the caves of Jupiter, there’s a horrible critter
All claws, horns and mandibles too
So if you’re ever keen to see something unseen
You’ll find it at Jupiter Zoo

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