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by Brethesen

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Don't know what to say about this... So i won't say anything. I'll leave the definition to you to deside.

In union,
our entwined souls wander through the vast space,
we drifted in the solar flares,
covered in ecstasy,
we made nebulas as images of our love,
and our children we set to blaze light to the darkness.

Dormant hopes of our power,
all races tried to achieve,
but our intellect of all things,
destroyed their frail beings,
and as our children exploded in happiness,
we exploded in pleasure,
wiping out several things,
which we had made.

The details of galaxies,
were our solemn interest,
besides our love,
watching the galaxies changing their appearance,
over and over again.

What is/was time,
for us?
What is/was time,
for beings,
that created all things?
It is/was nothing...

But like a dying fire,
our ways departed,
as you grew weak.

All I could do,
was to watch,
as you slowly drifted from the life's stream,
all I could do,
was to ease your pain,
your fear,
by being next to you.

I do not know how long I tried,
to find a salvation to you,
my love,
but I was weak,
I didn't know what to do,
and when you were gone,
I mourned,

Alone in space I wander,
grieving over the loss,
as two souls entwined,
turned into just one soul...

In grief,
in sorrow,
I turned my back to the space,
which we created for our own image,
and these last words,
I engraved to every planet,
and every child of ours...

Aveo amac cus,
my love...

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