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For Mai Thoughts

by NegativeZero

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Those who cant live with a broken heart, / Die with an empty mind,...

Those who cant live with a broken heart,
Die with an empty mind,
To knoe loss of lyfe,
Is to knoe love is lost,
Destiny is the road we travel,
Nievity is the road unseen,
Crying in shallow waters,
Can bring oceans crashin upon you,
Tears were meant for love,
To be happy with what one has,
Cowardice is a unhappy ending,
Bravery is true loves long journey,
Ending without ending but beginning again,
Is true love,
We begin lyfe with and empty heart,
But those whom we love fill up the spaces,
In a world filled with indifference,
We must choose to care,
In the eyes of a total stranger,
You can find a friend,
A person who is an enemy,
Is a person lost to your heart,
Because I'll smile with you,
For mai thoughts,
Open your heart to these words.

© 2003 TimZ

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