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Darkness ~ Reflecting Thoughts

by Fianna

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A fallen soul is reflecting upon the past. Game universe

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Square-Enix and I'm not making any profit out of this.

Reflecting Thoughts

Darkness... Darkness all around me. I don't know where I am, let alone my name. Do I have one by the way? I'm not so sure about that, not anymore...

Once, I believe to remember, I had one, but how much time has passed since then? So much things have changed...
Almost the only fact I know... the differences.

The deep fall - for I am sure there was one.

Me, the one everybody knew, who was feared yet loved and adored... Blood was on my soul, but it was the sign of a warrior, of a spirit that was thrown into life then formed and tempered in the harsh world of war.

A war... I think something is coming back to me...

There was a battle, no, a war so long ago. There I graved my name into the pages of history, along with a few others. However, no one was as famous as me.

It was my destiny to stand above them all, be the one whose name was the first to fall when one was talking about the war. And I have to admit... it felt great.

I was in my world, for nothing in this universe would I want to miss this feeling.

But then... lies. Untruths spoken by humans who I despised were what made me stumble and fall.
Lies, hidden for years, were slowly stealing away my sanity and then there was nothing else to fill the terrible feeling of emptiness. Except for one... thing.

Jenova, a Cetra, no, the Calamity from the Skies.

Out of my way, I'm going to see my mother...

These words were lies as well. I suspected, however, what could I do? I was forged to obey, not to voice my doubts.
Maybe everything would have come differently if I had.

But I didn't and so the flames of hatred burning inside were released and burned everything down apart from the lies and years of stolen inheritance.
This night the first drops of innocent blood were covering my soul.

All of the honour I ever owned was lost in the inferno for good.

Soon the first drops of innocent blood vanished in a scarlet ocean. Then I felt familiar blood on me... Zack...
After that my remembrance is lost behind a bloodied veil.

I just remember that, when I awoke again, it was dark, I had no memories ... and that I was a puppet without a name.

No longer was I the glorious spirit leading the battle but a tool, a knight in a gigantic chess game. I was not unimportant, no... I played a major role in her plan to destroy the world since she was the 'king'.

She never realized that I would fall with the queen and the queen would fall with me. She lost in that moment my soul touched the blood of the one who made me famous, made me come to the front...

President ShinRa.

True, he deserved to die, but not through my actions... or rather through what I was forced to do. It was Her downfall...

And maybe the return of the slightest bit of honour left in my pathetic little self. It didn't seem like it. More and more gore stained my once clean blade.

I was created to kill, I knew that from the beginning, or at least now, looking back on everything, it seems like it. Though... I was never intended to take innocent life, to destroy the ones who have never hurt a soul, but she made me do it.
And I couldn't stop her. A path to hell with no return.

... Now I remember where I am. Finally she has fallen. She was destroyed by her own arrogance, her believe the black queen would never fall under the menacing sword of the opposing king.

He did. It was a long and fierce battle. I couldn't do anything since I was long forgotten, put aside like an old, unwanted toy. But I didn't complain. It was not my turn to complain anymore... this right I lost in a fiery night five years ago.

So I watched the queen fall. We were connected. I felt every wound as if I had received them... but more fatal than the physical cuts were the cuts that carved deeper than the surface, the cuts she had inflicted upon everybody's soul and sanity...

Light... is that what I see a light? It's faint, but nevertheless... it's there... and it's drawing nearer. Maybe the fall of the black queen is not the end of the story... maybe there's an epilogue... or a sequel.


I was not wrong. There has to be something left... since I see with my own eyes, the queen stepping to me... freed from Jenova's leash at last. We are free. Both of us.

Though there is nothing left to return. We have sacrificed everything. We would be better off in death. The queen knows that.

So the both of us will prepare for the last battle. Once brought together by fate never to be parted again, though I'm not the one I used to be.

I'm a soulless killing-machine, the most dangerous being on the planet.

My name is Masamune...

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