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Haryuu no Hanekata

by Fianna

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A poem about Sephiroth


Final Fantasy VII and all places and characters belong to Square-Enix and I'm not making any profit out of this.

Haryuu no Hanekata

With anguished song and Sheol's swords
An angel bright was from her cast
And torn away from mother's care
And given into Satan's hands

A fallen angel did him help
As Satan made him taught by iron hand
But shining stars will fall too fast
With brightness dulled by chains and pain

The angel in the womb of Hell
Raised in care of Lucifer
A blade of death put in his hands
He learned the strategies of war

So he chose a life of death
With war and swords he was adept
Seemingly a shining path
But gore and pain was in his soul

A Michael under Devil's watch
And raised by gravest lies in Hell
With loss of mother and of father
So six letters were his pride

With slyly tongues of serpentine
And lacy words of kingdom come
In foreign nests where mock-birds grow
The angel's fury smouldered dark

Madness' fire burning in and out
With the ash of hatred and of lies
A trail of devastation left behind
In angel's final walk to mother's pride

Years later did he reappear
With power close to God's in hand
Became a Morningstar with many sins
And hatred even greater then

A demon clad in angel's face
A wing so white brings nothing good
An em'rald gaze with fire burned
A path of death was his to stride

Death brought over mountain tops
Killed innocence and flowers bright
And loathing grew in many hearts
So swords and hands went out for blood

The end drew closer everyday
A giant star of Judgement's Day
The Fallen One ascended far
And so he even deeper fell

And as a final wave goodbye
He smiled a smile so sad of pain
His heart like Janus faced both sides
As he was to cross the river Styx


Sheol: another word for Hell
serpentine: snake-like
Morningstar: Lucifer
Janus: Roman two-faced god
Styx: the river dividing the realm of the living from the realm of the dead

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