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The Torn Heart

by NegativeZero

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Some people say love is true and perfect, / But love has two sides,...

Some people say love is true and perfect,
But love has two sides,
One that hides the lies, greed, and envy,
The other the shows truth, honor, and care,
Love has many faces good and bad,
But only the heart can see thru its many faces,
True love is untainted,
Only the chosen few ever see this,
Only those who are kind knoe what true love is,
The greatest enemy you will ever face is yourself,
If hate is stong you will never overcome,
You will never see light,
And you will become your own shadow,
Cowering in the lights of others,
Love makes everyone equal,
And it knoes whether or not you belong with others,
So honor, respect and knoe what love is,
A test against the heart,
To see if you truely knoe,
What it means to love.

© 2003 TimZ

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