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Not Ever

by NegativeZero

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Over the sunset, / All across the world,...

These are mai lyrics...

Over the sunset,
All across the world,
Is the world we both share,
It is the world I built for you,
Our home is our hearts,
Our bond is our love,
All the fights we have ever had,
Is just another obstacle to overcome,
To lose you now after so long,
Is a nightmare I dont wish to come true,
Just the chance to be with you,
Is heaven's golden gift to me,
To be lookin into your eyes,
To understand what goes on in your mind,
To make you happy for a smile,
I cant let you go,
Not ever will I let you go,
Not ever,
And if you slip mai grasp,
I will fall just to be with you...

© 2003 TimZ

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