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by bloodysmurf

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This poem was originally written for a 'Nightmare Poem' contest on DA. Unfortuantly, I didnt win, but that may have been because my poem wasnt a nightmare; the things in this poem can become very very real. Hope ya like, its one of my favorites ^-^

Broken glass, splattered blood

Disappear? If only she could

Shadowed face with cold, gleaming eyes

She lets out screams, blood curdling cries

"Let it stop!" "Leave me, please!"

She’s begging, broken, on her knees

Silence consumes the room, devouring her petite figure

Then a click, the sound of gun’s trigger

Screaming of a bullet rings through the night

She lies there wounded, bound, gagged, her body trembling with fright

Metallic glint, cold metal grazing her neck

Trailing blood is the weapon meant to protect

On her, develops a thin layer of dirt, blood, and sweat

As the blade slices her skin like the terrible fangs of a grotesque pet

And as she feels the pain thick on her skin,

There unfolds his hideous grin

Probing hands wander, poke, and violate

In his eyes, there lies her fate

At his morbid laugh, she lets out a whimper, a hopeless cry

A wish to the Heavens, "Just let me die"

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