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First Love Melodie

by NegativeZero

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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"First Love" is the song in mai heart, / It plays its melody over and over,...

"First Love" is the song in mai heart,
It plays its melody over and over,
No matter how old I get it will alwaise play,
When I fall asleep it is there,
When Im awake it is there,
WIth or without you it is there,
It reminds me,
It tells me,
About what use to be,
It tells our love story,
A story in its own pages of history,
Unbroken by time,
And unfaded by memories,
This song is mai heart,
And of what use to be yours,
The song may be different in your heart,
But the words remain the same in mines,
Thank you Utada Hikaru and Jessa Zaragoza,
For remindin me,
I have no regrets,
Cuz time alwaise has a path for me to follow,
Whether I choose to follow the melody is up to me,
To follow it back to a heart that I once knew,
Or a love I have yet to knoe,
This melodie, this song,
This "First Love".

© 2003 TimZ

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