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Never Ninja

by Deadly_Sound_Ninja

Libraries: Adventure, Drabbles, Blurbs, Free Writes, Male/Male - Shounen-Ai, Original Fiction, Romance

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A man that is blessed with a demon. A girl with a strange power. How will he cope when she comes to his house to live.

Chapter 1, Chapter 1 Time's short

  A leaf stirred in the dead of night. The wind moved only a little. So a small breeze was flowing creating an eerie silence. The mountains could barely be seen despite the fact that the forest wasn’t that dense. You could barely see the person standing at the edge of the cliff. He wore a dark robe so no visible part of him was seen. All that was able to be seen was his hat and a sash that wrapped around his left arm.  He peered up and stared. “He is coming.” Then he snickered. A rush through the trees as quick as lighting! A shady figure appeared out of the mess of trees right behind the guy on the ledge. In a distinct voice the Figure spoke “Takiemaru Yoakie, you slaughter unmercifully and you deserve to die!” The man on the cliff replied with a smirk. “Are you going to kill me? Go ahead try. Make my day………” Swiftly the figure jumped into the air with a scream. The man without moving simply vanished before the man even touched him. “What the heck is this?!?! God come out and fight me!!!!” the Figure Screamed with rage. “Heh……heh…I am the fire and ice. I kill many without remorse……and I like it!” The man suddenly appeared out of the air behind the Figure and blasted him with fire.  The figure stumbled than fell to its knees. Takiemaru stood above the man and disappeared. The figured screamed in rage “I will avenge my brother whether you like it or not!!”      



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